How to Make Nick Slime

Slime is very popular since the inception of the show ‘You Can’t Do That on Television’. It is a green colored thick viscous substance used on various shows on Nick. It is dumped on someone, either in humiliation, or in celebration. When slime is dumped on someone, it is known as ‘act of slime’. Almost all game shows on Nickelodeon use slime. It has thus become very popular among kids. The kids are so fond of it now that they want to know how to make nick slime. They wish to use it in their games and parties. Slime can be used to play many games. It is very popular, and very simple to make as well. If you have a birthday party with a Nickelodeon theme, you can definitely make slime a part of it. If you too are fond of it, and want to learn how to make slime, here is the procedure that will help you with it.

The quantity of each ingredient depends on the quantity and the consistency of the slime you desire.

To make 3 gallons of this viscous liquid, you need:

  • Jello: 6 large packets
  • Flour: 10 lbs
  • Baby Shampoo: 1/2 bottle
  • Green Food Color: 1/2 big bottle
  • Water: as required


  • Firstly mix all the jello powder, flour- half bag and 1 gallon water.
  • Mix it well and do not let any lumps form in it. When this is mixed properly, add another 1/2 bag of flour and water
  • Keep mixing it well, and adding flour by 1/2 bag every time.
  • Add water very carefully to get the right consistency of the slime. Do not let any lumps form in the mixture, so you will have to mix it slowly and patiently
  • After getting the right consistency, mix the baby shampoo (1/2 bottle) and green food color. Color can be used as per the shade of green you want.

Isn’t it simple? The kids who like slime can make it themselves for their parties and games. It is not at all harmful. Also, the children do not need to turn on the gas or any other such equipment to make slime. They can make it easily.

So, when are you organizing a slime party?

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