How to Make Pioneer Toys

Today children are totally engrossed with internet and television. They do not spend time in activities like playing, outdoor games, etc. This hampers their physical and mental growth. This vacation do not let your child just sit in front of the computer screens. Encourage him or her to indulge in activities like making toys. Following ideas will help you to know – How to make Pioneer Toys?

There are many toys, which operate on batteries, light up, move, etc. Earlier kids made their own toys out of clay, mud, etc. learn to make pioneer- era toys like paper dolls, whirligigs, thaumatropes, stick and hoops and whimdiddles.

Paper Dolls:

Making use of pioneer ingenuity and other modern tools let your children make paper dolls. Take a printout of any doll that your child likes. Cut it according to the shape and place it on a thick card stock. Use different colored papers, ribbons, sparkle colors and any scrap accessories like beads necklace or pins, etc. to design her wardrobe. Use tapes or gum to place them on the card stock and cover your doll with clothes. While doing all this you can help your child and let your child enjoy making it.

Stick and Hoop

While walking to school across the plains, children play this game. For this you have to just find an 8 inches long smooth stick,. At one end of the stick, tie a piece of yarn, and to the other end, tie a round hoop on the other end. This hoop can be any key chain ring or the ring of a jam jar. The smaller the hoop the difficult the game is.


This is an easy way to make a toy and can be made in minutes. Simple to make and high on entertainment, Whirligigs are very popular among kids. For this you require a wooden disk or a large button with two holes in the center. Take a thin string and pass it from one hole and then back from the other. Tie the ends of the string, creating a loop with the button in the middle. With your index finger, swing the button in a circular motion to wind the string. When the string and button is wound up, move your fingers apart gently. The string will start unwinding and the button will whirl and buzz. Gently moving your hand back and forth will make the whirligig spin as hard as you want.

4. Thaumatrope

Pioneer children did not have video games or television. How did they see moving pictures then? They made a Thaumatrope for themselves. This is a toy, with a disc having two pictures on each side. When you spin the disc, it leads to the formation of an optical illusion to create a picture. Use a stiff cardboard and cut a circle from it- 4 inches in diameter. Punch a hole on either sides of the circle. Take a picture that has two parts- for example bird and nest, bee and flower, etc. on one side draw one picture, and the other on the flip side. Tie a string on each side, hold the string, and wind it till it is tight. Then leave and see the pictures combining to make one.

Try out these pioneer toys. Let your child learn something new and experience the pleasure of making these toys. Moreover, you can also encourage them to make these toys to gift it to their friends. This will be something unique and different from the normal toys and video games that keep your child totally engrossed. This is a learn and fun activity. It is a kind of mental and physical exercise. Let your child learn and enjoy at the same moment.

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