How to Make Salt

Salt is an important mineral to animal survival. It consists of sodium and chloride and can be toxic to many plants. Salt flavor is one of the most basic tastes and hence it makes salt the oldest seasoning used in food. Salt is also used as a preservative. Salt is produced in different ways for human consumption like unrefined salt (sea salt), refined salt (table salt), and iodized salt (iodine added). Salt appears to be crystalline and is usually white or light gray in color but can sometimes be also found as pale pink in color. Chloride and sodium are all important for the survival of all known living creatures, and hence makes salt consumption very important, although over consumption can lead to health issues like high blood pressure. In this article we will see how to make salt easily.

Ingredients required:

how to make salt

  • stove
  • bowl
  • sea water
  • food coloring if you are feeling particularly fancy
  • sieve

Method (To make edible salt from sea water):

Sieve the sea water to remove the fine sand particles. Now add the food coloring, if any, to the water (add only food coloring if you want the salt to be edible.) Set the solution on the stove and boil it. Keep boiling till all the water is evaporated. Alternatively if you live in a sunny place leave the water on your terrace for a couple of days till the water vaporises. The leftover powder is salt and can be used to cook food.

Ingredients required:

  • stove
  • water
  • food coloring to make it funky
  • short pieces of string
  • a pencil
  • a bowl to boil the water in
  • common salt

Method (To make inedible salt crystals):

Fill the jar about halfway with water. Place it on the stove and bring the water to a boil. Add some food coloring to make your salt crystals pretty. Add about 10-15 tablespoons of salt to the mixture or till the water will not absorb any more salt. Tie a few strings in parallel to a pencil or a small stick. Balance the pencil or stick on top of the jar while the string hangs inside the jar just above the water (you could immense a couple of strings just to see what happens). Leave this setup undisturbed on a table for a few weeks and check back every second day for salt crystals. Do not eat these salt crystals.

Ingredients required:

  • salt
  • water
  • pot
  • stove
  • food coloring

Method (To make edible rock salt):

Pour water into the pot (not too much!). Boil it over the stove. While it is heating dissolve as much salt as the water can hold. At some point the water wont be able to absorb any more salt (saturated solution). Keep evaporating the water. You will observe the salt starting to form crystals. Once completely evaporated separate the salt crystals. Crush these salt crystals, you now have rock salt. Rock salt is completely edible. You can add coloring during the boiling process for colorful salt.

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