How to Master Swipe

The master swipe is also known as air swipe. It is one of the most powerful moves in breakdancing. It is a comparatively difficult move. It involves the breakdancer to support his weight with his arms in a handstand. There has to be a torso and legs twist in the air at 360 degrees. Do you want to master the swipe? If you are looking for how to master swipe, then you are at the right place. This paper can help you in learning the dance move very easily. Many variations of master swipe are there such as one leg swipes and baby swipes.  You can see the swipes in a Hollywood blockbuster movie such as “Office Space”.

Master swipe is a fundamental b-boy move for all types of breakdancers. You can combine it with difficult moves to result into aerial combinations. You can swipe on all fours in the crab position. You need to twist to your side and then land in the same position. Legs need to follow then and they need to move faster than your arms.

Types of swipes:

The swipes generally begin from the crab position. Without taking the beginning into account, there are many swipe variations. They differ basically in terms of which parts of the arms hit the ground first.

  • X – swipes – These are the swipes with your legs crossed
  • Baby Swipe – In this swipe, mostly the foot move, launched from the 6-step that has a twist of the hips.
  • Elbow Swipe – In this swipe, the elbows replace the hands.
  • Forearm Swipe – In this swipe, the forearms replace the hands.
  • Head Swipe – In this swipe, the head replaces the hands.
  • Master Swipe – Both hands go in the air at the same time and both legs lift simultaneously as well.
  • One-Footed Swipe – You need to keep one leg in the air, often pointed straight out. The leg is generally on the inside of the rotation.

How to master swipe:

First of all, you need to stand up. I will explain to go towards left. Try to lean back as far as possible. Now you need to lift your left leg and bring the knee to the middle of your rib cage. Keep the chin parallel to the floor. This helps you to lean farther. You need to lean so far such that your whole body becomes parallel to the ground. You have to be a weird freak to do this move otherwise you will never be able to do it. Put both the arms on the right side. Now whip the arms back to the left. At the same time, go towards the floor in such a way that your left hand can touch. The legs still need to be in the same position. When the right hand moves down to the ground, the legs have to start swinging also. Jump as high as possible otherwise you will hurt your feet very badly. Right now, both the hands are touching the ground and the legs and body are swinging around. You need to go with the flow of the momentum and bring the left hand off with the same speed and time as your legs. All the movements should come naturally. The right foot needs to hit the ground and after that, your left arm has to swing around in a circular motion and touch the ground. These are very powerful power moves.

Tips to learn and master swipes:

First try the normal swipe. Try to jump higher and kick the left leg into the air. After this, try to swipe around. It is easy. Try to work on your balance and how you move your hands to the floor.

If you are determined to learn the master swipe, nothing can stop you. You just need to follow certain steps and practice them a lot. I am sure, now you know how to master swipe very well.

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