How to Minimize CPU Usage

The usage of CPU or the processor depends on the number of applications or programs running at a time. Usually, while multi-tasking between different windows and tabs, the RAM usage increases, and this in turn increases the usage of the CPU. If you wish to lower the usage of CPU, you must know how to minimize CPU usage.

If your system is functioning properly, then ideally, the usage of your CPU should be between 0 to 1 percent. If it moves above this, then your system will slow down or heat up and consume more electricity than it usually does. You can minimize the CPU usage by some simple settings using the utilities on your Windows.

Follow the instruction given below and minimize the usage of your CPU:

  • You need ‘Task Manager’ to set the CPU usage.
  • You can right click on any empty space on task bar on your computer screen. Then from the options available you need to choose ‘Task Manager’.
  • You can also access the ‘Task Manager’ by pressing the keys ‘Ctrl+Alt+Del’.
  • Task Manger will help your window to identify the programs you use the most and suggest on removing the programs you do not use much.
  • Once you open the ‘Task Manager’ click on the ‘Performance’ option.
  • This option will put up the meter on your screen. This meter will represent the CPU usage on your screen.
  • Once the meter comes up, just check the percentage of usage for a few minutes. If the idle usage exceeds 1 percent, then you need to check out the problem.
  • To find out the program or process that is utilizing the CPU usage you need to click on the option ‘Processes’. This option will help you check which processes are using up the CPU resources.
  • Once you have identified the process that is eating up on your CPU usage, check for the icon next to it.
  • The name would describe the program that is actually utilizing it, and the icon will correspond to the program or process.
  • Close the program that is causing the problem. If the program does not close, click on ‘End Process’ on the task manager and terminate the process or program.
  • To solve the problem completely, uninstall that particular program and reinstall it.

In this way you can check the CPU usage of your system. Minimize the usage of your CPU by checking for such problematic programs. Also, the more your RAM is free, the less the CPU usage will be. While multi-tasking, remember to close down the programs you are not using and thus free up the RAM. Also, opening a number of programs at a time may overload your system, and your system may hang or shut down. Too much of downloading, surfing and working on different programs at one time will overload your computer.

Minimizing CPU usage will help your system function smoothly.

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