How to Minimize Outlook to System Tray

If you use Microsoft Outlook in your business related conversations, to manage emails from your clients, etc. then you will need to access the mail daily and many times a day. For this, you do not need to open Microsoft Outlook every time, or log in and log out every time. You can always have your mail open, and still no one can access it. For this, you must know how to minimize outlook to the system tray.

A system tray is an icon on the right hand side of the task bar on your computer. This system tray displays the status of various applications and functions. For example, the computer’s speaker, modem status, etc. you can minimize your Microsoft Outlook mail as well.

There is one basic method to minimize Microsoft Outlook to the system tray. Read the instructions below and learn how to minimize outlook to system tray.

  1. On the right hand side of the task bar, there is a system tray. You need to minimize your Outlook Express in this system tray.
  2. For this, first launch the Microsoft Outlook Express email program. Once you do this, you can see an icon on the taskbar and one in the system tray.
  3. Right click on the Outlook Express icon on your system tray.
  4. When you right click this option, you get a list of options, out of which you need to select the option ‘Hide When Minimized’.
  5. Once you select this option, a checkmark¬† appears next to it. This means that you have activated ‘minimize to system tray’ option.
  6. Go to the Microsoft Outlook window, click on the ‘exit’ or ‘minimize’ button and your email page will minimize in the system tray, and not show up on the task bar.
  7. To maximize the page, double click the icon on system tray.

Besides this method of minimizing MS Outlook to the system tray, there are some alternate ways to minimize it to the system tray. For this you need the Actual Windows Manager. The Actual Windows Manager is software which helps you to add and remove buttons and helps you to automate many operations of your Windows. The other advantage is that it works on all versions of Windows. You can download it and use a free trail before purchasing it. Here are some ways the Actual Windows Manager can help you to minimize outlook to tray easily.

Method 1: Minimize Alternatively Button

  • You can add this button to the title bar on your windows with the help of Actual Window Manager. By installing this button, the Outlook can be minimized directly to the system tray with just one click of the mouse.

Method 2: Minimize Button:

  • If you use the Actual Window Manager, and click on the ‘minimize’ button on Outlook Express, it will automatically minimize your Microsoft Outlook Express to the system tray, and to the task bar.

These are just some of the options. Actual Windows Manager gives you many such options that will automatically minimize Outlook to system tray.

Using the instructions given above, you can minimize the Microsoft Outlook Express to the system tray. The Actual Windows Manger has made it very simple and gives you different options to minimize the Outlook mail to the system tray. Use the one you are convenient with and keep your taskbar vacant for programs that are more urgent.

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