How to Minimize Sims 2

We often play games when we are sitting idle or also in between work. When we are stressed of working continuously on our computer, we usually play a game, and sometimes we get stuck because we do not know how to minimize a game while playing the game. We cannot just shut down the game because if we wish to continue it further we will lose our scores. Even while playing Sims 2, it becomes difficult at times to minimize the game window if you do not know how to minimize Sims 2.

Let us consider the example of Sims 2 game. Here are some ways of minimizing a Sims 2 game.

Sims 2 is a Maxis product. It is a sequel to the very popular game ‘The Sims’. Sims 2 is very much popular for desktops and mobile games. Here are some simple ways to minimize the Sims 2 game window while playing the game.

  1. While on the games window, press ‘Alt’ + ‘Tab’. These two keys automatically minimize your games screen.
  2. Once you have minimized it, you can again restore the games window by pressing the same two together again.
  3. Once you press ‘Alt’+'tab’, it minimizes the games screen and when you press it again it maximizes the screen.

This was while you are playing the game. However, you can also minimize Sims 2 while it is in the window mode.

Here some instructions as to how to minimize Sims 2 game by opening it in windows mode.

  1. Select the ‘Properties’ option by using the right click of your mouse on the ‘Sims 2′ icon.
  2. Once you have selected properties, go to the field titled ‘Target’. Place the cursor at the end of the text in this field. The text in the field will end with ‘.exe’
  3. Replace ‘.exe’ with ‘-w’. Hit the ‘Apply’ option and then click ‘OK’. This will change the settings of the game. Next time when you start the game by clicking on its shortcut icon on your desktop, it will open in Windows mode.
  4. Once the game opens in Windows mode, you can click the ‘minimize’ button on the top left hand side of the window. It looks like ‘_’.

These instructions will help you to minimize a Sims 2 game. However, some other ways are applicable to games other than Sims 2. These are some shortcut keys.

You can use the following keys to minimize your game screens.

  1. Win + M – this will minimize all the windows on your screen at one go.
  2. Alt+Space+N – this will minimize window you are currently working on. For example if you are on the game screen, it will minimize only the game screen
  3. While you are on the games screen, you can press the F12 key. This will again automatically minimize your games screen.

These are some shortcut keys in general, for minimizing the games screen for any games. For Sims 2 game, you have some different options as mentioned above.

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