How to Minimize to Tray

Running too many applications or working between too many windows makes things confusing. If all the windows are seen at your task bar and you do not like it, you can simply minimize it directly to the system tray. For this, you need to know how to minimize to tray. If you know how to minimize to tray, you can directly minimize the window to the system tray and not to the task bar.

What is system tray?

System Tray is an icon that appears down on the right hand side of your desktop. It is an icon, which shows the current applications that are running. If you minimize any window or program to system tray, you can easily manage all the windows or programs and also keep your task bar empty for only some very important programs or windows you need.

How to minimize to tray?

The question is how to minimize a program or a window that you are working directly to the tray. The Windows do not provide such an option that allows you to minimize a program easily to the system tray. However, you still can do so by downloading a simple software. You need the ‘Actual Windows Manager’, which provides the ‘Actual Windows Minimizer’ software.

Actual Windows Manager

This software helps you manage Windows easily. You can directly minimize any window or program to the system tray using the easy buttons or options available in Actual Windows Manager. This software works with all versions of Windows such as 2003, 2007, XP, Vista, Windows 7. It is very user friendly and is compatible with the operating system on your computer or laptop.

Here are some applications or windows you can minimize directly to the system tray using the Actual windows Manager.

  1. Actual Windows Minimizer Button

This is a small button that can be added to any window. It looks like ‘ ‘. This button directly minimizes the window to the tray. You can click on this button instead of the normal minimize button on the window, and minimize your window to the system tray.

  1. Internet Browser

You can also minimize any internet browser ‘Mozilla Firefox’, ‘Google Chrome’ and ‘Internet Explorer’ directly to the system tray using the Minimizer button provided by Actual Windows Manager. In case you have opened different windows in different browsers, and need timely information from them, you can minimize it to tray and restore it from there again.

  1. Email

If you use Outlook Express or Microsoft Outlook or any other e-mail service; you can easily minimize it to tray using the ‘Minimizer’ button again. Besides this, you have some special ways to minimize Microsoft Outlook to the system tray. It can be minimized to the tray in eight different ways.

Minimizer button is very useful in email because you can keep your mail windows open all the time. This provides you easy access to your mails.

Not only these, you can add this magical button provided by the Actual Windows Manager to a word document, games window, calculators, text editors, archives, etc. It is just so simple. You can download the software and read the instruction to get the Minimizer button. This will simplify your tasks and you can easily minimize any program or window to the system tray at the click of your mouse.

Minimizing programs or windows to tray will help you access different applications easily, and will not clutter the task bar. It’s just the matter of one single button.

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