How to Notify Social Security of a Death

The loss of one of your family members is certainly hard to swallow. But, there is still a lot of work to be done and formalities that have to be completed, which can occupy your mind and sort of take your mind away from the loss you are feeling. One of the most important tasks is to notify the social security, of the death of a person. Here is some information on how to notify social security of a death.

Notification of social security death

  • The social security program is made for ensuring that post-retirement, the finances of a person are not hampered, if the biggest source of income is stopped. Therefore, while you sign up for any other retirement schemes, one of the things you must do is sign up for the social security. This scheme will give you monthly income, so that you can take care of the basic needs.
  • These social security organizations will send a check to the person who has availed the scheme post-retirement. However, after the death of this person, the payment will stop. Therefore, this is your responsibility to inform the social security office about the death of this person, so that the payments will stop. If you fail to notify them and continue getting the money, the social security will find out about this someday and ask you to return all the money. On your part, it will be unfair to accept the funds from the social security benefits of your dead relative. It is your moral duty to inform them and ask them to stop the payment.
  • However, if you are a child or spouse of the deceased person, you are entitled to use the benefit. You will get monthly benefits as well as a lump-sum amount every year. The spouse of the deceased person will have the first claim for the lump-sum benefit, where that person will get a lump-sum amount of 255 dollars (only applicable in US). If the spouse of the person is deceased, then this benefit will go to their children. The monthly benefit will be given to the beneficiary, which includes widower/widow, children (dependent), and parents (dependent).

Process of notification of social security death of spouse

  • The entire process of notifying the social security, of death is simple. Follow the guidelines given below:
    • Gather all the documents that you will need like the social security card, birth, marriage, and death certificates, IT returns, bank documents that the social security office will ask you for.
    • For people in US, call the social security number 1-800-772-1213 and notify them of the deceased person. They will ask you for all the documents that you have to give.
    • They might ask you to come to the local social security office for submitting the documents for filing them. So, make sure that you carry all the documents with you.
    • Remember to ask the social security officer about all the death benefits that you will get.
    • The monthly survivor benefit will be given to the dependents, where the spouse has to be over 60 years of age, or is over 50, but has a disability, or caring for a dependent child, or there is an underage child.

So, this is everything about how to notify the social security of death. Understandably, the death of your loved one can be difficult to recover from, but always remember that immersing yourself in the sorrow is not the solution.

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