How to Nurture Employees

Most of the businesses credit their success to their brilliant employees that they have at their disposal. Employees are the lifeblood of the operations in any business. Therefore, this is one of the reasons why some of the successful businesses in the world take their employee retention and happiness as their priority. To grow your business and make it a huge success you must know how to nurture employees.

These days, businesses will invest in training and development, thinking about their success in future. If you have a business, you must hire only competent people and create a business environment that will motivate them. If you do believe in “A happy employee is a productive employee,” then you must find new ways to keep them happy. Here are some simple steps on how to nurture employees.


  • You must know all your employees personally. One of the most effective and basic employee motivation techniques is that the owner or the manager must take some efforts to know all the people working for them. Use and learn their first name while you are working with them. Try to listen to them when they talk about their problems or background. This will give you a hint on how you need to motivate them for excelling in the given field. Motivate and drive every individual working for you. Moreover, employees will start loving their boss who knows how to communicate and mingle with his or her peasants, so to speak.
  • Start giving rewards and incentives. Always remember that people will start excelling more effectively when they see a reward for the goal. Develop some reward or incentives system, which will reach a specified goal that has been approved by the management. Monetary incentives like commissions and bonuses are the best options; however, do not try to limit everything to money. You can use other options by giving stuff like laptops, LCD TVs, or a free vacation package. Your employees will love it. This will be of great help to nurture excellence in your company for ensuring that they stay for a long time. Always remember that you must vary your incentives, depending on the trends and economic situations.
  • Start some fun and bonding activities in your company. It is essential that your employees understand that they have enough time for play as well. A business that is working all the time will build a lot of stress for every employee. This tension can explode later on, and will lead to unwanted resignations. For avoiding this, you will have to mix pleasure with business. Make some schedule for fun team building activities, which will focus only on employee relations and fun. This will automatically create a relaxing atmosphere. Some companies treat their employees for trips abroad or a nice long weekend getaway after a particular time of work. A good boss will definitely know that the employees need a break from all the tough work. Make sure that you join your employees on the company trip, they will appreciate that.
  • Issue a profit sharing scheme. Employees will always be happy with all the money they have earned. Always remember one thing that money is the best motivation for every employee. If you want to make sure that your employee sticks to your company for a long time, then all you need to do is share the wealth. People will appreciate when the company shares their profit with the employees. This is one of the best ways for the management to show that each and every employee is hardworking.

Any business, which is dependent on the workers, will run more productively when every worker is happy and works towards a mutual goal. Appreciate and know your employees by greeting them, giving them incentives, playtime and by acknowledging them.

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