How to Nurture Relationships

There will always be a certain glow on your face when it’s the beginning of your relationship. You will do everything to keep your partner happy. The long walks, candlelit dinners, gifts and talking all night will feel good. Everything will seem perfect, but as time foes by, you will realize that there is something missing in your relationship. There will be no fire, or spark left. Do not worry! There are numerous ways to retain all those romantic gestures in your relationships. Here are some simple steps on how to nurture relationships.

Love grows deeper

  • It is true that you will miss the times when your partner used to look into each your eyes and hold hands all the time. But think of it like this, over time your relation will grow deeper, it will build more trust, security and comfort and the true intimacy, which will come only when you know each other since a long time. New romance is definitely exciting, but fleeting. Always remember that it is very important to appreciate all those wonderful things, which come from time instead of novelty.

Make Time

  • In today’s fast-paced life, there will be many commitments, and you will have to fulfill all of them. But these commitments existed even in the start of your relationship, and you always found a way to manage work and give enough time to your partner. This means that you can always reschedule your plans once again and take time out for your mate. Perhaps you can skip your dance class and go for a candlelit dinner with your partner or get up early and make him  a cup of tea in bed. The main point here is never ever take your relationship for granted, it is just as important as your other priorities.

Talk to Each Other

  • Once you get to know someone, you start telling him or her about your life, aspirations and secrets, and want to hear the same in return. But once you know someone inside out, you think that there is nothing left to communicate. Instead, you will start focusing on the irritations and trivial things. There are still many things left to learn about each other. You can discuss current events or ask your partner their point of view on a certain problem. Just discussing the surface of your lives will only lead to estrangement. Eventually, you will start feeling that connection again, which you had in the beginning. Continue asking questions about their life and share all the stories and memories, which helped you, build that connection, instead of allowing it to fade away.

Go for the Extra Mile

  • It is very easy to become lazy in a relationship, after sometime you stop saying “I love you.” It never takes a lot of time to make that offer and be considerate and appreciative about things. Try to remember the times in the relationship, when you were always eager to surprise your partner with a spontaneous little gift or taking them out for the weekend. Get a bottle of wine and tell your partner that you have had a bad day at work, take care of him/her when they are not well. All these small actions will make your partner do the same things for you. Always let them know that they are still very important for you and they are worth making all the effort.

Keep the fire burning

  • If your relationship is still important for you, then it will always be worth of every little effort you make. Never slack off and take your partner for granted. Just let them know that you love them.

Remember that love is like a plant and it will need consistent, careful attention for thriving. Without it, your relationship will wither away.

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