How to Ollie Further

Ollie would be a term that is common to skateboarders. It is a manner in which you jump with the skateboard under your power. If you ask a professional skateboarder, he would say that Ollie is the basic of all skateboarding tricks. Be it skating down a trail or skating on the street, Ollie is the most common and can be done while skating down or even while stationery. You will definitely require a lot of practice and follow certain steps before you know how to Ollie further.

  • First of all you need to stand on the skateboard and get a feel of size and shape of the board and the wheels. It becomes easier to Ollie, when you feel in similar territory. Tighten the trucks if you are unable to control the board during the bend.
  • The position of your feet is very important to get your Ollie right. You need to be on the balls of your feet which help a lot while bending before getting the flight. A slight jump is enough to reposition your feet on the board. You can also shuffle your feet slightly to position, however, this is a less accurate manner. For a big Ollie, your foot needs to be further back; smaller ollies can be done with the foot further forward.
  • Crouch down by bending your knees and gain momentum before you get ready to jump forward. The balance of the crouch is very important. Avoid bending your back; drop down and keep your shoulders and feet level same. Place the feet in a “V” shape with the hind foot heel hanging over the tail side of the board.
  • While jumping off the board it is always advisable to jump forward in order to avoid spinning in the air. The stronger the pop the higher your Ollie. The noise caused because of the deck of the board hitting the ground is the reason that it is called a ‘pop’. If you find it difficult to raise the tail of the board, pop while you straighten your legs to jump and not when you go down. Avoid your foot hitting the ground along with the tail of the board. This prevents the board from lifting.
  • To get the flight for an Ollie, you need to jump off the board.
  • You need to slide your foot; then turn the front foot inward before sliding up the front of the board. This needs to be done at the same time while jumping.
  • Pulling your knees as up towards the chest will determine how high your Ollie is.
  • Before landing leveling out is a necessary step. This means to make the board level to the ground while in flight. The front of the board should not be facing up in mid air.
  • While landing, make sure that both the feet are as close to the respective trucks. However, landing on your feet too close to each other could cause some serious damage to your body. By any chance, if you land on your nose and tail of the board, there is a high chance of breaking the board.

Following certain procedures and techniques while skating and attempting an Ollie could help to Ollie further and in a systematic manner so that you don’t get into any sort of error and get injured in any way.

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