How to Open HTML

There are different types of WebPages, which you view when you open any website. These web pages are drafted in different formats. One such format is html. Html stands for Hyperlink text markup language. This is a markup language that helps in describing a web page properly. Html consists of text and tags. This language is the main and necessary element of a web page and internet. Hence, it is widely used. This article will tell you all about how to open html files. This is easy when you follow some simple steps and find some applications to do so. Here are some simple ways to open html file:

TextEdit or Notepad

  • Viewing actual coding of an html file is a little different from just opening html. This you can view by using either notepad or TextEdit.
  • If you have Windows OS, then you can easily view in notepad. For doing this you only need to select “Open with” and then select Notepad.
  • You can also directly open notepad. For doing this, click the “Start” button on right hand corner and then select the Accessories tab by clicking on All programs. Then you will find Notepad option here.
  • Open the notepad and go to the File option. Then click on Open option and now you can browse the html file or page, which you want to view.
  • It might happen that you don’t find the html file even if you are navigating in correct direction. In this situation you need to click the drop box. In this drop box change the document format from .txt to all files.
  • Now you will able to see the html file at the right place. Now select the file and click Open tab.
  • TextEdit can be used for viewing the coding on a Mac computer. For doing this, you need to click on the html file and go to the Open tab on right hand corner of the page and select TextEdit.
  • Here you can view as well as open an html file easily.

How to Open HTML
Internet Browsers

  • Another easy way of opening and viewing any html webpage is using the internet browser on your computer.
  • Advanced technology helps you to view any html page on your computer itself without changing any format of the document or page.
  • If you have Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Safari and any other internet explorer uploaded on your computer then you can easily open html files easily.
  • You can also install any special application on your computer, which is compatible with html format and can easily help you to access any html document.
  • However, if you don’t have any then the default internet browsers will help you to view an html page.
  • You can view any html file on this default folder as a normal webpage or a website, but you will not see any codes, attributes or tags.


There are certain applications that help you to open and view any page in html format. If you open an html file using TextEdit or notepad, you see a very messy page. You will not easily understand what exactly the codes are. Similarly the same case will happen if you open using internet browsers. As you will not see any tags or codes on the html page, you cannot understand the page properly. Instead of this, html editor will prove to be the best help for you. By using this editor you only able to open and view any particular html page but also can make necessary changes and edit the page. Some of these html editors are given below:


This is an html editor that helps you to open, view and edit any html file. Dreamweaver is a user friendly html editor. Before opening html on this editor, you can go through the free tutorial available on internet so that you get well versed with the editor and then start the actual process. You can also download a free version of Dreamweaver from internet. Use this free version for some period and then buy the latest version of the editor for your work.


This is another editor, which will help you to open, view and edit any html file. You can not only edit html file using this editor but also other formats such as PHP, java, Perl and many other. You will find UltraEdit easily on internet. You can buy this editor online or in any computer peripheral shop in your town. See to it that you buy the latest version as this will have the latest technology fitted. UltraEdit supports all Windows OS starting from Windows 2000 to the latest one. You will find a free trial version of this editor. This will help you to become used to the editor.

Once you know how to open html, you can open any webpage and view it in html format.

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