How to Paddle Surf

Paddle surfing or SUP (stand up paddle surfing) is a Hawaiian sport which is emerging all over the world. Surfing the sea water with a surf boat is a very different experience. You might have enjoyed boating in calm waters, or enjoyed a speedy motor ride in seawater, but have you ever enjoyed surfing over the water. To enjoy this, you must know how to paddle surf.

Paddle surfing is a water sport. You can either stand on the surfboard or lie down while your surf board is tied to a speedy motor boat that pulls the surf board, and you feel like you are running over the water. Besides Hawaii it is highly popular in the Caribbean and Pacific regions. If you are already used to water sports like swimming, water rafting, etc. then you can easily learn how to paddle surf. However, if you are new to this sport, you can still learn how to paddle surf by following the instructions given below.

Things you need to paddle surf:

  • Surf board
  • Life jacket
  • Water sport glares
  • Swimming costumes

How to paddle surf?

  • Just before you start with your paddle surf, it is important to understand, that while surfing, you need to balance your body while moving over the water. As a new starter you should enter into water with little waves or water which is calm.
  • Check out the weather before you go for paddle surf. If the weather is stormy, you must stay away from getting into the waters
  • If the weather is clear, check the waves and flow of water. The coast guards or the regular surfers can help you with this.
  • Next, take your surfboard and place it on the water. Wait for a small wave, and just then hop or your surfboard. You can either stand on it or lie down on your surf board. You can lie down on the surfboard or stand on it.
  • While hopping on your surfboard you need to balance your body. Rather than surfing, the first challenge is to balance your body, and stay on the surfboard.
  • Before you start paddling you must be comfortable with your posture. Use the paddle provided to you along with your surf board to maintain your balance.
  • One you have stabilized yourself on the surfboard, start paddling in the direction of the waves. Just paddle with the wave you are surfing on.
  • While paddle surfing, you need to be very flexible as you have to move with the water current. You have to be ready and prepared for such flexibility of your body. You have to paddle your surf just as the water current moves your surfboard.
  • Near the shore there are bigger waves, and you need to be prepared for paddling on such big waves. On the larger waves, you need to paddle hard and carefully, in the direction of the waves to maintain the balance of your surf board.

During paddle surf, the only important thing is balance, and understanding the direction of waves. The wind determines the direction of waves. The larger the waves, the harder you need to paddle, and also when you paddle in the direction opposite to the wind, you will have to paddle hard. Begin with paddling in smooth water current, and once you gain confidence and expertise, paddle on big waves.

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