How to Plan for Your Wedding

How to plan your wedding

How to plan for your wedding

Having come across that much wanted man or woman of your dreams, you are thinking of finally settling down in life. However, the sacred institution binding both the man and the woman together for a lifetime of happiness, love and memories where they spend each single day in the arms and company of each other is also one, which entails a lot of meticulous planning. In earlier times, almost all the members of the family had their share of contribution towards the preparation of the marriage of the bride or the groom to be. But in the recent years the trend is the married couples plan out as well as look after all the preparations of the marriage on their own. This is due to the fact that the people of the modern times have become too individualistic and want a choice of their own, rather than have somebody else do it for them. Moreover, it also helps to relief the burden off the shoulders of the other members of the family, as everybody in today’s world is occupied with their own share of tasks. But of course, there is the need of some aid from other individuals of the family, without the help of which, the wedding cannot progress in a smooth manner. Hence, if you are thinking of how to plan for your wedding, go out and seek the aid of the experts in your family, who are well acquainted with the rules of the game.

Even though it is not something to be said, a wedding is undoubtedly the most beautiful experience and a special ritual that the bride and the groom go through; however the slightest amount of being off guard can at the same time make it one of the most horrifying as well. It is nothing less than a challenge and an event of a great deal of stress and there are bound to be one or the other issues which would not turn out to be in the way it had been planned out. But you have to be well prepared for that eventuality, without it letting you affect and make you panic at the last moment. Therefore, the best advice for this would be to plan out all the events well in advance so as to have enough time to devote to all the essential details. Besides, you need to be organized as well, and stay away from the tendency to spend too much of your money on the unimportant things. You will then find out that all the events are progressing in the smoothest manner possible.

In deciding how to plan for your wedding, there are three important guidelines that you have to adhere to in order to make sure that things go as planned. These are:

  • Decide on the time needed to prepare for the marriage: Among all the other things in the process of planning for your wedding, the most necessary one is the proper deciding of the time frame required to be done with all the preparations towards it. When deciding on this factor, you need to adopt a rational as well as a sensible plan, making sure that you have the required time to devote to all the events, and which does not put you in the state of stress. One of the best ways to begin is to take the help of a calendar in front of you as well as stick to the suggested duration of time found in the guide books for marriage. What you can do is to go and get these guide books from the nearby library so as to save finances as well as not have the headache of having a place to store the books. After getting one of these guide books what you would come to discover is that the time frame suggested by most of the guide books in the preparation of a wedding is as much as one year or twelve months. However, it might be the case that you are not fortunate enough to have this much of time with you for the preparation of the marriage. In that case, the best possible advice would be to try to fit in all the preparations in accordance with the time you have in your hands. You need not panic if you are left with little time as the initial months can be spent in merely some simple work like announcing that you have got engaged, buying of planning material, such as planning books as well as software, deciding on the date of your wedding, deciding upon the budget for the marriage, selection of the dresses for the wedding, sending over the announcement of your engagement to the local newspapers to be published and the like.
  • Fixing a budget: Even if a marriage is the most important event taking place in your life, it is not an excuse for you to go out of your way to spend money on non-essential stuff, if you are running short of finances. For this, what you can do is that rather than fretting over the fact that you could not have everything that you wanted, be joyful that there are at least going to be many more beautiful days which should not be spoiled by the reckless wastage of finances. You would be lucky if your parents or parents-in-law to be are extending their financial support towards the wedding, but keep in mind not to over burden them.Howtoplanyourwedding
  • Maintain a record of all the expenses: All the expenses that you had incurred in the course of the preparation for the marriage has to be systematically kept a record of. All the receipts of the things that you had purchased so far, few important instructions regarding the wedding, images of decorations as well as dresses, and so on, has to be properly stored in one particular location, so that whenever you need, you can easily have your hands on them. But if you feel that you are better organized, then in that case you can keep them in specific places.

Another important aspect to be pondered upon in the preparation of your marriage is regarding the food items to be served as well as the gifts for the guests. Towards this, the following points can be kept in mind:

  • Decide on the cake for the wedding: Decide the color as well as the taste of the cake keeping in mind the theme of the marriage and also the fact that it should be loved by both the bride and the groom. The best advice would be to have the taste of the cake before finalizing it. It is best to order for the cake around eight months ahead of the actual date of the wedding. Again a few months prior to the marriage date, check out if the order has been properly placed in the books of the baker. This would aid in having you reassured that at least everything is going as planned. The best idea would be to have the baker deliver the cake directly at the place of the wedding.
  • Decide on the food items to be served at the marriage- Even though taking the help of a professional caterer for the wedding would prove to be a costly affair, it would also mean that there is a less burden on your shoulders. Do not think of going overboard and pleasing your guests at the heavy cost of your pockets. Rather, think of finding out a balanced medium between what your pockets can afford and what would be loved by the guests. Besides the food items to be served at the marriage, also pay heed to a few other details like having to book for hire or rental equipment needed such as chairs, cutlery items, linens, tables etc.
  • Do the registration for the gifts of the guests well ahead: This has to be ideally done as much as nine months prior to the wedding since this gives the guests an ample amount of time to go through your list of items and look for the gifts.

Adhering to all these tried and tested methods for conducting as well as preparing for your marriage, you can well imagine to have that fairy tale wedding of your dreams, without even letting others take the trouble of sacrificing their precious time to come and assist you in making it a reality. In most cases than not, these prove to be flawless in their help in the preparation of the marriages.

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