How to Predict Baby Gender

Finding out the sex of your baby before you give birth to your baby is a crime in many countries. Many countries do not permit this because the parents then get against a particular sex leading to abortion decisions. For example, in some countries people do not prefer to have a girl child, so they if they get to know the sex of the child before giving birth to her, they decide to opt for an abortion. This has legalized the ban on finding out the sex of the baby, before giving birth to him/her. However, this is not the situation all over. At many places, you are allowed to know your child’s sex. Sonogram is the most apt way to predict a child’s gender while still in the mother’s womb. However, pregnant women love the traditional ways or simple ways developed by elderly people and housewives in predicting the baby’s gender. This can be lot of fun for them.

Have a look at some of the ways of predicting your baby’s gender before birth besides the sonogram technique.

Chinese Pregnancy Calendar:

This is one of the oldest techniques of predicting a baby’s gender before birth. It is also considered to be one of the most accurate methods of predicting the sex of the baby before birth. The actual ‘Chinese Gender Calendar’ used to predict the gender was found in a tomb, approximately 700 years ago in Peking. It is not a scientific way of predicting, but still is said to be 97% accurate. Read the instructions given below to learn how to predict baby boy or girl by using a Chinese calendar.

  1. You can find a copy of this calendar available online, or else if you have a hardcopy you can use the same. In Peking you can refer to the original copy of this calendar.
  2. Right at the top of this calendar, you can see a list of maternal age. Find out the age at which the lady conceived.
  3. In this age list point at the right age.
  4. In the list on this calendar, find the month in which the lady conceived. Place your finger on the right month.
  5. Slide both these fingers downwards, on the Chinese calendar, till they meet.
  6. The block wherein both fingers meet at the age and conception month, will let you know your baby’s gender. If it meets at a point marked ‘M’ it stands for ‘Male’ and ‘F’ stands for ‘Female’.

String & Ring Test:

The second method is the ‘Ring Test’. This is also a very traditional technique. The accuracy of this technique although is doubtful. Have a look at how to use the ring test technique to predict the unborn baby’s sex.

You will need your wedding ring, and a string to work out this technique.

  1. Take a string, approximately 8-10 inches in length. Put your wedding ring in it, and hold both ends of the strings upwards, such that the ring is right in the middle of the string.
  2. Hold this ring and string some inches above the expecting woman’s stomach. See to it that your hand remains still. If your hand shakes you will not be able to get the right prediction.
  3. Then let the ring move, but you do not move your hand. If you see the ring moving in a circular pattern, it is said that the woman is expecting a girl child.
  4. If the ring moves sideways, it is predicted as a baby boy.

Besides these two methods, there are some other methods as well. These again cannot be called as scientifically accurate, but many people believe in them.

  • The pregnant woman’s body structure helps you to predict the baby’s gender. If the woman carrying a baby has put on more weight around her thighs and hips, looking like a watermelon, it is said to be a girl. It is predicted to be a boy if the pregnant woman’s stomach looks like a basketball with increased weight towards the front.
  • Another method is adding the age at which the lady conceived with the month in which she conceived. For example, if she conceived at an age of 26, and in the month of November, then you need to add 26+11 (November- the 11th month of the year). If the total is an odd number, it is said to be girl and even number for a boy. In this example, the total is 37, which means ‘a girl’.
  • The type of food the pregnant woman craves for also indicates the gender of her unborn baby. If she craves for chocolates, orange juice, fruits and sweets, it is said to be a girl. If she craves for meat and salty food it is a boy.
  • Another very crazy way of predicting is asking the pregnant lady to show her hands. If she shows her hands palms facing towards you, then you can say that she is expecting a girl. If she shows the flip side of her hands then it is a boy.

These methods can be a lot of fun. Although these might not be accurate, these methods are believed and followed since ages.

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