How to Predict Lotto Numbers

While buying a lottery ticket, you know it is a gamble, and the chances of winning a lottery cannot be predicted. It is just a matter of luck and coincidence that a certain number wins a jackpot. There is no such logic or calculation behind it. However, the habit of buying lottery tickets and gambling regularly has made it necessary for some people to know how to predict lotto numbers. The prediction techniques are not scientifically researched techniques. These are just some techniques developed by regular gamblers, who try their luck at gambling. Some such methods of choosing numbers that also help you in predicting lotto numbers is given below:

How to predict lotto numbers?

  • Never choose consecutive numbers. Selecting numbers like 4, 5, 6, and 50, 51, 52 should be avoided. These sequences are a strict no-no according to some predictions.
  • Never choose a number’s multiples. Choosing multiples of ‘5′ are strictly denied. This is because the rows in playslips are multiples of ‘5′. Choosing numbers like ‘5, 10, 15, 20′ etc. will definitely fail your prediction, as the chances of such number are very rare.
  • Most people choose numbers of the birthdates. The lottery firm also knows this trick. Try choosing a number greater than 31. This idea has worked well in many cases, and the predictions of winning numbers have been correct.
  • Also, avoid choosing more than two numbers equal to or less than 12. The numbers in this range, clash with the month of birth, and again many people choose it. The firms might thus avoid picking up such numbers as winning numbers.
  • All the numbers you choose should not fall in the ‘frequent union set’. Many people choose numbers from this set, so again the probability of the lottery firm choosing this number decreases. At least choose one number, which is not in this union set. This might help to make a better prediction, because it would add to the list of numbers you choose.
  • To know whether your number comes in the union set, you must know how to calculate the union set. The calculation of union set is given later in the article.
  • Another prediction is that most people will choose the winning numbers of last 2-3 draws. This again can be a flop idea because the lottery firm would choose a number other than this.

Union set:

It is calculated by a combination of six or more frequent winning, and six or more frequent losing numbers. A number coming in this set is in the union set. Avoid choosing all your numbers from the union set and make your predictions more accurate.

Tips for better predictions and chances of winning:

Select a set of numbers and stick to those numbers. Some people suggest and they tend to keep changing the numbers in every draw. This is not beneficial or advisable. Stick to your set of numbers. Even the lottery firms know that people would tend to choose numbers that have been selected frequently, so they would avoid choosing such numbers as winning numbers.

Whatever be the logic, the fact is that the predictions in term of lottery cannot be completely accurate. It is a matter of luck. Most of the predictions that are right are usually a matter of chance and coincidence. The predictions cannot be accurate; however, a regular observation of the pattern of numbers will help you make better predictions.

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