How to Predict your Due Date

Pregnancy is a boon to a couple. Anyone in love at some or the other time imagines their future family. When they are blessed with this, the wait just seems too long. The nine months are full of excitement and curiosity. The day when you get to know about your pregnancy, you start thinking about the day when you get to welcome your child. The pregnant women and their partners and families are very excited about welcoming this new member to their family, and thus find out information on how to predict your due date. There are many traditional ways that the aged women follow, making use of their experience, but now a days there are many sites online that help you calculate your pregnancy due date.

You can resort to these calculators, or follow some other methods that a doctor or some aged lady uses,  to help you predict your pregnancy due date. Here are some methods that tell you how to predict pregnancy due date.

The Doctors’ method:

Doctor’s are not God. They use some statistics to tell you your pregnancy due date. If you understand how the doctor calculates it, you can also calculate it yourself.

  1. Your doctor usually asks you the date of your first day when you had your periods last. This is just before you came to know that you are pregnant.
  2. The doctor then subtracts or goes back 14 days from the date you gave. This date helps the doctor to determine your probable date of ovulation. This also helps the doctor to decide your conception date.
  3. The date that the doctor gets after subtracting 14 days will help him/her calculate it further. To this date, the doctor adds 40 weeks or 280 days. The date that you get will be the date you can expect your child in your arms.

There is a second method as well. In this method, the first step remains the same. After getting the date of your last period’s first day, the doctor makes further calculations, which differ from the first method. The remaining steps are as follows:

To the date that you give to the doctor, the doctor goes back three months from that date. This month will be the month in which you would deliver. Then the doctor adds seven days to that date to get the date on which you would deliver. For example, if you say June 1, the doctor will go back three months to March and 7 to 1 (date). So you would deliver on 8th March.

Besides these methods there are many calculators available online, which help you predict your pregnancy due date. This date might vary depending upon the complications in your pregnancy. It is an approximately calculated date.

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