How to Present a Business plan

You’ve conceived an idea, prepared a plan to execute it and jotted down the financial openings. What else? How to present a business plan to a bank or a venture company?

Your business plan is your script. It is not going to sell itself. You have to think about the possibilities to sell a business plan. Prepare a pitch and include the positives of your business plan in the pitch in a way that the person you are presenting it to will agree with you and help you.

The idea and the plan

Anyone can conceive an idea to a business plan. This is the easy task. To plan the business venture, you need to be well aware of the market and the procedures involved to launch your business plan.

Scripting the plan

This part needs skill. You need to put in words, figures and graphics why your idea is a god one. Include your ideas in a way that will engage the audience and make them listen to your presentation. The business plan can be in a PowerPoint presentation, Flash presentation or any other mode of presentation.

Pitching your plan

When you have to sell something, you need to sell. This is the most tough, but important, task of the whole procedure of launching a business.

When you write a business plan, do not think it will sell on its own. It is a product that needs to be sold in away it will reach the audience. To pitch your plan, you need a summary of the plan, an introduction that can give a gist, without revealing the whole plan, and a punch line.

Let us take an example:

You have a plan to introduce portable paper-recycling machine into the market. You have prepared all the necessary functionalities of the machine and all the procedures involved to mass produce your invention.

This is your business plan. Now for the Introduction

“I invented this machine as an easy way to recycle paper anywhere. This machine can be mounted in an office building or in a departmental store. It is very efficient and cost effective…”

Give a generic idea of the machine and do not go into details.


“To mass produce this machine, which can replace the shredder in the near future, I will need at least 5 million dollars. This cost includes the venue and the raw materials. Although this sum seems big, the returns of this investment will, I assure you, double in 2 years. Owing to the cost effectiveness and the functionality, this recycler will definitely be a hot cake in every business and consumer outlets…”

Pitch the deal. You have already explained about the machine, therefore do not talk more about it. Pitch the deal and the plan. Be precise and give all the positives, but play down the negatives.


  • Treat any business presentation like an interview
  • Before the presentation, relax yourself and go through the plan again
  • Rehearse the presentation: take the help of a friend, and present your plan to them. You can get feed backs by this.
  • If there is a team and all of you are entering into the business, then try to involve all the team members.

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