How to Present a Powerpoint Presentation

Powerpoint presentations are very important to convey a crisp and clear message. So how to present a Powerpoint presentation? Let us see.

To make a power point presentation, you should be equipped with all the necessary software and hardware. Before the presentation, do the following:

  • Copy your presentation to a CD or DVD
  • If you are presenting from your laptop, make sure to charge it full
  • Print your presentation slides and keep it aside in order as it appears in the presentation.
  • Have a white board marker and a duster in hand; you will need to highlight something while giving the presentation

Tips to present without stress

  • Prepare the presentation with all the necessary details. Do not leave out anything, thinking you can fill it up live.
  • Set up your presentation equipment before audience arrives

How to create slides?

  • The presentation should be crisp and simple. When you present to an audience, do not rely on the slides completely. ¬†Use the slides to convey the message and elaborate the topic yourself.
  • Do not use too much graphics. Graphics like animation and sound are good. But do not overdo it. It distracts the audience and can lead them away from the presentation.
  • Create a background template and stick to it. Do not change background of slides in every slide. It might look inviting, but the presentation should be about the topic in discussion. Not about the animation or picture.
  • Do not all capital the words. It looks ugly.
  • Use bullet points to signify to-the-point meanings. A bullet point can be a small phrase, it is not necessary that it should be a sentence. Again use the slide to convey a crisp message. Elaborate the message yourself.

Use Smartart smartly

In Powerpoint, there is an add-in Smartart. It enables you to use graphs, hierarchy and lots of other useful pictorial data with ease. Use it when required. It is a good way to convey your message with clarity.

Again do not over do it. If you use Smartart in every slide, it will look like an advertisement to Smartart. Use it sparingly and effectively.

Color you presentation

Try to use bright colors and stick to the same color for similar topics. For example, when you are presenting a new business to your client. Use one color for why they should hire you. Another color for cost. And another one for introduction.

This enables clarity and easy understanding. It conveys the message even when not said aloud.

In spite of all these pointers and tips and preplanning, something might go wrong. Keep your smile on and your attitude positive. A confident presenter can make a dull presentation look hip.

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