How to Present a Product

Presenting a product is a very crucial step in marketing and sales. A sales person presents a product to a potential buyer, and the buyer decides whether to buy it or not. So how to present a product? And how to lure the buyer to buy your product.

The product

People buy things that they need and a sales person should convince the buyer that this product is needed by them.

For example, if a sales person is selling a volume of encyclopedias, and they have to convince the buyer to by it. In this scenario, the buyer should understand the uses of the encyclopedia. The sales people should hit the buyer with a pitch that will enable them to understand the uses of the volume of books.

“These are very useful. Your kids can make use of it. We give it lower than the market prize”

These phrases could lure the buyer, but they are not a sure shot way to attract them.

Introduce yourself: “Hi! I am Mark! Can I interest you in a discount offer. It is only for few days”

Go on to explain the product: We are selling a volume of encyclopedias. In retail market, the cost is much more. We are offering a discount of 20%.”

Show a sample: “Please take a look! You will be able to see the quality of the books. They will last long”

Explain the benefits: “These volumes will be very helpful! Although there is internet for everything, nothing can surpass reading. It is found by a research that reading helps you retain information in a better way than browsing. You can adjust the book according to your eyes, rather than adjusting your eyes according to your system monitor.”

Benefits and usefulness

Any person buying a product will only be interested in its benefits and usefulness.

You should be prompt in explaining the benefits and usefulness in a buyer-oriented way. Give the reader a reason to buy the product.

Let us take the above example of the volume of encyclopedias.

The pitch should not be

Features‑‑‑‑> discount offers‑‑‑‑‑> benefits‑‑‑‑‑> usefulness

The pich should be

Benefits‑‑‑‑‑> usefulness‑‑‑‑‑> features‑‑‑‑> discount offers


Some buyers are environmentally and humanely aware. Explain how your product will help the user use the product and at the same time contribute to the world.

For example, Let us take the above example.

The pitch should be:

“These books are prepared from recycled paper. From the total sales money, 10% will go the tsunami relief fund.”

Tips when presenting a product,

  • keep the product presentable
  • Keep yourself presentable
  • Do not over do the ‘impressing the customer’ part
  • The customer is always right, but not when they do not want to buy the product
  • Keep the introduction short. The buyer will most probably not remember more than your name. Therefore, your company’s name and the reason why you’re selling the product is irrelevant, and the buyer will probably not bother about these.
  • Smile
  • Be confidant in your approach

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