How to Present a Promise Ring

A promise ring is given to (usually) a girl friend to make a promise or in general give the promise of a committed relationship. This is not similar to an engagement ring.

Many people wonder how to present a promise ring. Because this is not similar to an engagement ring, you do not want your loved one mistakenly thinking it to be one.

So what to do to make your lover realize that it is just a promise ring and not an engagement ring? And very important what sort of a ring to buy for this type of occasion.

The promise ring

Nowadays, relationships have evolved a lot. A Promise ring to your lady love represents your love for her and enables you to tell her how you feel.

This ring does not look like a typical engagement ring. This is different. It does not have to be costly. Remember you are promising your relationship to your loved one. You are no committing to an engagement or marriage.

Some couples treat this promise ring as a first step to their relationship. This will even prove to be a refreshing reminder of a very fond feeling.

A promise ring is actually given in any time of the relationship. It is not necessary that it should be given only in the initial stages of a relationship. It can be given even after marriage. It is a representation of how you feel about her and you can give her a promise ring whenever you please.

Ring: how to choose?

When giving a promise ring, you don’t have to buy a costly diamond ring. Do not confuse this with an engagement ring. This is different. You can choose and the ring can be how ever you want. It can be a plain golden ring or a not-so-costly jewelary that you get it departmental stores.

Choose according to the taste of your loved one. You do not have to go the limits to get a pricey looking ring, if your loved one is not very fond of pricey jewelary.


When you give the ring to your loved one, make sure to give it to her in the privacy of your comfort zone. You can choose to make it a big occasion and do the usual.

Dinner, flowers and romantic evenings are a very tried and tested ways to tell her your promise. These situations sometimes place a hindrance on the action. People might mistake it for an engagement ring and start clapping and encouraging. A very private place will keep you out of that risk.

Also, do not over exaggerate or over do the occasion thing. This might mislead your loved one and she might think you are going to propose.

Roles can be reversed

It is taken for granted that a guy give s girl a promise ring. Even though this is true in most cases, a girl giving a guy a promise ring is fine too.

It is not necessary that you should give only a promise ring; it can be a promise bracelet or a chain.

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