How to Present the Gospel

How to present the gospel? How to enlighten someone about Jesus’ ways?

It does not matter if you are a minister or a layman. Presenting a Gospel with clarity is a very daunting task in all. There are many ways to present the Gospel. We hear people telling us the passed-down phrases and terms that are no longer understandable to many people.

So how to put it in a way that is even understandable by a person who is a non-believer?

First, clarify your own doubts. You may know Christianity like the back of your palm, but when you start presenting an idea to a person, you either forget something or explain in a complicated way.

The Gospel

Gospel means good news. Now, what is the good news?

Christ sacrificed (died), in the process of which all the sins committed by every human on earth were forgiven. Spilling of his innocent blood led to the forgiveness of god.

Simply put, Christ died for the sins of the world.


Christ died. He came back on Easter and stayed with his disciples for 40 days and went back to heaven. He told his disciples to spread the good word.

His death is mourned as Good Friday and his comeback is celebrated as Easter.

The way of Jesus

Jesus was the son of god in flesh. The son of God lived a holy life. He lived by the rule of God. He practiced his father’s way.

When Jesus died, human sins were forgiven. Therefore, every person’s sins will be forgiven if they follow Jesus’ ways.

Jesus forgives you when you live by his ways and you have to forgive and should not hold any grudge against anyone.

Simply put, know the gospel and know the ways and follow it.

The explanation

Start with the good news.

“If you follow God’s ways, you will be forgiven. You should not lie, cheat or do anything that would harm another human. Follow God’s ways and you will be enlightened and be forgiven for your sins.”

Presenting the Gospel

Presenting to a single person

Start by telling the good news. Proceed to tell about the New Testament. Do not complicate the message. Put it in simple terms. No one wants a preaching. They just want to be enlightened.

Connect with them and say what you have to say.

Presenting the Gospel to a crowd

Personal connection is very important to present to a crowd. Therefore, introduce yourself and start by explaining the good news.

Proceed to explain the New Testament. This will enable you to give your message with clarity.

Tips to present a Gospel:

  • Imagine they are ignorant. Start explaining from scratch
  • In your attempt to save them, do not complicate the message. Use simple terms
  • Tell the good news first
  • Provide a brief for their reference
  • Be brief about the ways and provide clarity when you explain Jesus’ ways

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