How to Present Wine

Wine is one of the most exquisite and classy beverages and presenting it in a proper fashion to the customers every single time a waiter takes out a wine bottle is of utmost importance.  Serving wine bottles to guests serve a two-fold purpose. The first being to ascertain that the right bottle of wine is being served to the customers and it is also an integral part of the complete wine service.

Now, every waiter does not know how to present wine in a perfect manner. It is an art mastered through a perfect blend of practice and performance with confidence and style. Now, let’s check out some of the ways on how to present wine:

  • Always keep your wine service ready. Once the customers places the order for wine, grab the fitting glasses, the bottle of wine and finally the wine chiller if the wine is a white or sparkling one. Remain calm and don’t haste and serve. You can use a service tray or do this in two trips.
  • Then, the next step is to show the label of the wine to the guests. When you approach the table with the bottle of wine, make sure that its label faces the customers, so that they can read it and confirm that the wine is the correct one.
  • It is always advisable while presenting a wine to name it, including vintage (if any). If a customer has ordered a wine that is a vintage one, then as a waiter you must state its name, vintage and variety.
  • Wait for the customers to confirm that you have got the right bottle of wine. After a nod of confirmation, finally you can go ahead and open the bottle to serve it.
  • There is a wide variety of wine glasses to choose from, ranging from different designs and shapes. But whichever glass you chose, make sure that it’s an appropriate and useful one. Also ascertain that the glass is thin and hold it properly to create a better impression among guests.
  • Finally, while serving the wine, make sure that the glass is perfectly shiny, clean and spotless. It should not be stained or have any marks. You should always serve in a glass that will enable the guest to see the color of the wine, and the way it moves. These are finer details that create good impression among drinkers. And make it absolutely sure to pour a little bit of wine into the glass. There are guests who like to roll and waft the wine before taking a sip. Pouring or having too much wine in a glass symbolizes that you are not too generous.

These were some of the methods on how to present a wine. But here are few additional warnings and valuable suggestions. Always make sure that you ask the number of people who would be drinking wine, especially during parties, for a bottle of wine usually serves four glasses. It doesn’t look good that there’s a shortage in quantity while you serve wine. Finally, never make the mistake to open a bottle of wine without getting the nod of confirmation from your customers. Some vintages are extremely expensive, and if you open it without the confirmation, then you are definitely making a very expensive mistake.

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