How to Prevent Acid Reflux

Acid reflux causes burning sensation that is caused in the heart when the undigested or partially digested food and gastric acids rise into the esophagus. This acid reflux has nothing to do with the heart but it is related to your digestive system. You need to take proper preventive measures to prevent this acid reflux and know the causes of it. This article on how to prevent acid reflux gives you tips on the same.

Making some changes in your lifestyle will surely help you in preventing acid reflux. If you frequently experience acid reflux then you may unknowingly invite some serious health problems, so it is necessary that you take some preventive measures to prevent it before it turns out to be more serious.

Here are the tips to prevent acid reflux.

  • If you are a frequent sufferer of acid reflux then you should try to avoid foods that trigger acid reflux. Certain foods such as tomato, juices made from oranges, grapes should be avoided completely. Excessive consumption of foods that contain large amounts of saturated oils and fats should be avoided. Creamed soups are also found to trigger the process of acid reflux.
  • Observe your diet, and avoid consuming foods that trigger acid reflux. You can prepare a diet chart and note the foods that are adding acidic properties to your stomach separately so that you can remember them easily.
  • One of the most important factors that is responsible for acid reflux is your body posture. Do not lie down immediately after your meals. The gravitational force has a large impact on acid reflux. The gravity acts in keeping the food far from the esophagus, so keep your posture erect at least for 1 to 2 hours after having meals.
  • It is more frequently seen that people have acid reflux during night. In such cases you should have dinner at least 3 to 4 hours before you go to sleep. While sleeping, lift your head at least 3 to 4 inches above using a pillow, so that the food does not directly enter your esophagus.
  • Drinking water while eating or pushing the food with water inside the stomach also results in acid reflux. Avoid doing this. It is always beneficial that you don’t drink water at least for one hour after having your meals.
  • Alcohol and smoking also trigger the factors responsible for acid reflux. They impair your digestive system and can be a reason for acid reflux, so avoid consuming alcohol and smoking.
  • Exercising will also help you in proper functioning of your digestive system, but you should not exercise immediately after having your meals. If you exercise immediately after having meals then it can cause abdominal muscle contraction which makes the food you eat enter into the esophagus.
  • Drink water instead of drinking beer, wine, soda and other carbonated or acidic beverages. They will also increase the level of acids within your stomach which can enter easily into the esophagus causing acid reflux.
  • If you are recurrently suffering from acid reflux then you need proper medical treatment. Consult your doctor and take proper medical treatment from him. You may need to take prolonged treatment.
  • Most of the times natural methods of preventing acid reflux are more beneficial as compared to medicines in case of people who suffer from recurrent acid reflux.
  • If you have occasional acid reflux then you can take antacid treatment for some time to prevent this acid reflux.
  • You can also take proper suggestion from the doctor and use proton pump inhibitors.
  • These medicines cause fewer side effects. In prolonged medications the chances of having side effects can be more.
  • Increase weight can also be a reason for acid reflux. If your diet is not balanced then you may put on weight this can increase the pressure on the abdomen thus increasing the risk of acid reflux.

The preventive measures given above are very helpful in addressing the problem of acid reflux and also prevent other serious health issues that could be resulting due to acid reflux.

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