How to Prevent Acne Scars

Preventing acne scars is yet another tedious and critical task other than preventing acne. Acne or pimples, while disappearing, leave scars and blemishes which are left for a long time in the form of acne scars. Acne scars spoil the texture of your skin. This article on how to prevent acne scars gives you some simple tips and suggestions in preventing acne scars.

You may have to go for surgery if these acne scarring is deep enough. It is very difficult to eliminate the deep scars caused due to acne, however the scars which are not so serious can be prevented easily by following simple methods given below.
How to Prevent Acne Scars
When the acne has healed it leaves a hyper-pigmented mark on the skin. This hyper-pigmented mark is the change caused in the skin due to the acne; usually this vanishes after few days. If this mark does not vanish even after a year or more then it is considered as a scar.

Acne scars are the effects of acne. It is best to prevent acne formation to prevent acne scars, because most of the acne is developed into scars in the absence of proper care while the acne is disappearing.

Here are some simple tips that will help you in preventing acne scars.

  • Do not pop-up or squeeze acne with your hand. This is the main reason which results in the formation of scars on the face.
  • You should even avoid touching the acne with your hand. Frequently touching the acne with you hands will also increase the chances of scars on the face.
  • Keep you face clean, wash it frequently with lukewarm water and a disinfectant soap or face wash. This will help in reducing the spread of acne as well as appease the formation of scars.
  • When the acne is healing itself its healing process should not be interfered. This can increase the inflammation of the acne and also spread them more abruptly on the face. This will result into unavoidable scars which cause damage to a greater extent.
  • Unprotected exposure to sun is responsible to delay the healing process of the acne. If you are exposing your skin to the sun then it leaves a tan behind on your face and dark spots and scars from acne also persist on your face for a longer time.
  • Whenever you are leaving out in the sun, use a sunscreen lotion with high SPF that will provide you protection against sun rays.
  • The scabs which are left during the healing process of acne should not be picked with your hand. If you are peeling the scab with your hand when it is not completely formed then you may worsen the condition.
  • This may increase the extent of post-inflammatory infection that will leave scars on the face which are visible for a longer period.
  • Application of tretinoin on the acne or pimples will help you speed-up the process of healing. It will also lessen the infection to the skin that is caused after the inflammation.
  • You can also apply ointments that contain appropriate concentrations of alpha-hydroxy acids and beta-hydroxy acids on the face. It will also help your skin remold in a better manner allowing growth of new and healthy tissue on the face.
  • Look for oil-free products that are not harsh and deprive your skin of the natural oils. You skin need natural oils, but when these oils are applied in the form of facial products it makes the acne worse. Try to provide natural oils to your skin.
  • Applying harsh products to your skin makes the skin dry. This increases the chances of scar formation on the skin.
  • Keep your skin hydrated. Hydrating your skin is very essential to keep it healthy.
  • Make sure that you cover your face with a scarf when you are going out. If the dust present outside accumulates on your skin it can worsen the condition and create favorable condition for the acne formation.
  • Many people try to clean the wound formed due to erupted acne with the help of hydrogen peroxide and alcohol. Do not try this, because hydrogen peroxide is known to kill the new cells that form at the site.
  • Do not massage the skin repeatedly. During the process of healing the skin is very sensitive and it can be damaged easily and develop scars and marks.

The tips given in this article are very helpful in preventing scars that are formed due to acne. Follow them to get a blemish free skin.

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