How to Prevent Allergies

To know how to prevent allergies, you should know the exact source of the allergy. It is possible that you identify the triggers of allergies yourself, or else there are allergy specialists who may help you in this. Allergies have many symptoms and allergens can be identified right from the childhood.

Allergic reactions may be caused due to hypersensitivity of the immune system to certain foods, exposure to toxins, etc. Sometimes allergies are also caused when exposed to mold spores, plant pollens, dust mites, etc.

There are many tests that will help you diagnose the allergies, but it is also possible that you identify the allergies yourself. Here are some of the tips and suggestions that will help you in identifying the allergies.

Tips to prevent allergies:

Expose to certain natural elements when young:

  • You should take some necessary steps against allergy prevention in the early childhood. You should expose to the natural elements in the atmosphere when you are young enough, so that your immune system recognizes them as harmless to your body and does not cause any reactions.
  • There are many elements in the atmosphere such as dirt, dust, plants and physical contact with other people, which a child should be exposed to so that the immune system does not overreact to them later in life.

Avoid exposure to certain elements:

  • There are many components in the environment that are not natural such as chlorine and other cleansers and synthetic substances. A child should not be exposed to such factors.
  • Certain foods are also allergic and they cause redness of the skin as well as itching and scars on the skin. If a particular food is causing adverse reactions, you should avoid eating such food.
  • Some people develop allergic reactions when they come in contact with the pets. Such people should avoid unnecessary contact with the pets.
  • Avoid using products that contain unnatural additives. Many soaps and cosmetics contain synthetic additives. Your skin may react to such components, so avoid using them. Instead use natural and herbal products.

Keep it clean:

  • Cleanliness is also one of the important factors that might help you in preventing reactions and allergies. If you do not follow proper hygiene, then your immune system fails to provide you protection against toxins in the environment at some point.
  • Keep your pillow covers, beds, clothes and every corner of your house clean.
  • Use a disinfectant to clean your house at least once in a week.
  • Follow proper hygiene while cooking food. Clean the vegetable before cooking and also wash your hands properly before you start cooking the food.
  • Before eating, wash your hands properly.

Tests for detecting allergies:

  • Sometimes it is difficult to identify the cause of the allergy. In such cases it becomes difficult to get rid of the allergies.
  • If you are unable to identify the exact cause of your allergy, then you can try by stopping exposure to one factor after the other. If this doesn’t help you, then you need to conduct certain tests.
  • Allergies can be diagnosed by skin test, blood test, patch testing, etc, but the most  preferred test in this case is skin test.
  • The skin test that is used to identify the allergic factors is also called as prick testing or puncture testing.
  • In skin test, the skin is pricked, through which a minute dosage of the allergen is injected in the body. This allergen can be anything such as pollen, mite proteins, grass, extracts from the vegetables, etc. Generally within 30 minutes of the injection some allergic reactions on the skin such as redness or irritation are observed.
  • In blood tests, the alley specialists identify the IgE antibodies that are reactive to certain allergic triggers.
  • In patch testing, patches of various allergens are applied to the back of the patient and the reactions if any are generally shown within 48 hours.

Treatment for allergies:

  • Allergies can be avoided or treated by reducing exposure to the antigens.
  • There are certain ointments available, when applied topically help in blocking the effect of the antigens on the body, and reduce the symptoms of allergies.
  • There are many natural ingredients available in the market that will help you in getting rid of the allergies. These products mainly help in increasing the histamine secretion in the body, and reduce metabolism of the histamine. This will help you in reducing the symptoms of the allergens.

Follow the tips given above to prevent and reduce the effects of the antigens on the body, which may sometimes cause some serious effects on your body.

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