How to Prevent Animal Cruelty

We have been keeping animals as pets in our houses since ages, but animals pass through a lot of sufferings in our house. Many people lack knowledge about nurturing animals, and many do this knowingly. If you want to help prevent animal brutality, you need to know how to prevent animal cruelty.

Here are some common and simple steps that you can take to prevent the animals around you from cruelty of human behavior.

Tips to prevent animal cruelty:

  • Teach your children to love animal’s right from childhood. If you have pets in your house and your child likes to thrash it, abuse it and irritate it, then stop him from doing this. Many children enjoy doing this with the pets. Animals cannot speak, but as an owner, you need to understand their silence.
  • Show your children how to handle and take care of pets, because most of the times, people are habituated to this right from their childhood and it is very difficult to get rid of it as your child grows.
  • Before bringing any animal to your house, first create favorable condition in your house that can suit the animal. Understand the necessities of the animals, if you do not know, ask a vet, the shelter owners or breeders for help.
  • If you find that the animal is not happy staying with you, it is best to free it off. It is always better to have more that one pet in your house, instead of having a single one. Animals enjoy being in groups.
  • Proper food and proper sanitation are primary requirements for any animal. Vaccinate your pets periodically and be up-to date with the vaccines.
  • Make sure that the animals get some time to go out, play, and breathe fresh air. Take them to the parks for a walk in the evening. Taking your pets to a pleasant and cheerful atmosphere will make them happy.
  • Do not buy puppies form puppy mills. They are illegal and treat animals brutally. Buying puppies from such places will encourage such animal sellers.
  • Get complete information about the place from where you are buying the pets. If you find that they do not treat animals with love and care, bring it to the notice of the legal authorities.
  • Buy animals only from shelters and reputed breeders.
  • Know about the animals in your neighborhood. If you find any case of animal cruelty in your neighborhood, report it to the respective authorities. You can simply make a phone call to them and show your responsibility towards animals in your neighborhood as well.
  • Donate for the organizations, which help animals and provide them shelter and proper environment for their survival. You can search for such organizations around your locality. Make sure that these organizations are genuine animal helpers.
  • There are organizations, which work for preventing animal cruelty and animal rescue operations. Donating your free time and money will also help you in preventing animal cruelty.
  • Understand the laws that have been stated by the government against animal cruelty. Animal cruelty is a crime and the laws of anti-cruelty vary form state to state. Police have complete right to investigate the matters of animal cruelty and punish the suspects.
  • You will get complete information about the anti-cruelty laws in your state from online sources.
  • Being a responsible citizen, you can also write about animal cruelty to local newspapers or TV channels and report them about the matter.

Trying the above suggestions, you can surely contribute in preventing animal cruelty.

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