How to Prevent Ants

Dealing with ants is not an easy job. These tiny creatures can adapt to any hostile environment very easily. Some ants like the small black ants are harmless to you. While the red ants when come in contact with you, causes a sting and a swarm on your skin. There are certain precautionary methods that you need to follow to know how to prevent ants, to eliminate them from your house.

Tips to prevent ants:

  • Ants are mostly attracted to food items kept in your kitchen. Therefore, cleanliness in your kitchen matters a lot to prevent ants in your house.
  • Do not keep uncovered food in your kitchen. Cover the leftover food properly after eating, and clean the kitchen area properly when you are done with cooking.
  • Cleaning the kitchen counters with cleaning chemicals will help you disinfecting the kitchen. You can also clean the counters with lukewarm water and soap.
  • Ants are also attracted to the dirty dishes kept in the sink on the kitchen. Clean these dishes immediately after having your meals.
  • All containers or dishes which are used to store food should be sealed properly.
  • You can also fill a plate with water and keep the bowl containing food in that plate to prevent it from ants.
  • Keep the garbage bins in your house clean. Throw the garbage out of your house frequently.
  • If you have small children in your house, they spill the food here and there while eating. In such circumstances you will have to wipe your house regularly.
  • Clean each and every corner of your house. Any food particles that are left hidden behind the cup boards, below the carpets, sofas and beds will attract ants easily. Use a vacuum cleaner to clean such places.
  • Food that is kept for the pets in the house should be cleaned regularly. If there are any spills, they should be cleaned immediately.
  • If you own a garden in your backyard or have plants potted in your house, the risk of ants in your house increases. Ants mostly live in soil as they can easily make furrows in them. You should not spray chemical insecticides in the soil to kill ants, as it  makes the soil infertile.
  • You can pour organic liquid insecticide around the pots in your house. Surrounding the lawns in the garden, pour these insecticides to prevent the entry of ants in your house.
  • Ants are seen more commonly in summers as they come out of their holes in this season to collect food and store adequate food for winters and rainy seasons. You need to be more careful in summers for this reason.
  • Seal any holes present in your house. Even a small hole can provide entry for the ants
  • Inspect your house regularly and do not delay to seal these holes; it will not take too long for ants to begin their habitat there.
  • If you find a bunch of ants wandering in your house then you can pour some kerosene on them
  • You can also use bait insecticide and organic liquid insecticides to kill ants in your house.
  • You must have come across flying ants as well. You can use insecticides to prevent these ants. You have to spray these insecticides in the nest of these flying ants, as it is very difficult to kill them outside their nest.
  • If one ant enters your house then the other ants follow it. These ants are mostly attracted to light as they get enough warmth there. Therefore, to get rid of them you can also switch off the lights in your house for some time and when all the ants are out of your house close the windows and doors and switch on the lights. Even if a single flying ant is left in your house, it will start multiplying and their population increases within no time.
  • Ants also get attracted to wooden logs and firewood in your house. Spray insecticides on the firewood to prevent it from ants.
  • As soon as you notice an ant in your house, chase it, kill it. Ants wander in search of food and while doing this they secrete a chemical that enables other ants to know the exact location of the food, other ants follow this ant. So, it is better to kill an ant even if it is single.

In severe cases you may need to take professional help to get rid of ants if the tips given above fail to help you.

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