How to Prevent Auto Theft

Auto theft is an alarming problem, which has become a severe issue nowadays. This is due to your negligence towards your vehicle as well as due to advanced technologies. Technology has made it easier for these thieves to steal expensive gadgets and automobile parts. “How to prevent auto theft?” is one of the most frequently asked questions by car owners.

Tips to prevent auto theft:

  • Always lock your car whenever you get out of the car. When you lock the car doors, carry the keys with you. Never keep the car keys in the ignition of the car. Many people have a habit of keeping the car keys in the ignition, but this can be risky.
  • Even if you leave your car for few minutes, lock it and then leave.
  • Check that the windows of the car are closed properly and have no space that can allow the thieves to put their hands or any object inside the car so that they can unlock your car.
  • You may keep a spare key with you so that it will be helpful for you in case of emergency. Many people make a big mistake using this trick. Thieves are wise enough and they can easily find this extra pair of key from your car. They are aware of the places where people can hide their keys.
  • Never park your car in places where there is not enough light. In dark places, there are not enough crowds. Therefore, it will be easier for the thieves to steal anything from your car or steal your car. Always park the car in public places or parking lots where there is enough security.
  • Install an alarm system in your car. You can also install an anti-theft device in your car so that you will be alarmed of the danger and keep the thieves away from your car.
  • Installing a vehicle tracking system in the cars is also one of the best precautionary measures. These vehicle tracking systems will be activated when your car is stolen; you can easily find your car then.
  • Never leave expensive personal items such as wallets, mobile phones, bags, laptops, etc in the car. Such items are easily visible through the glasses that can tempt the thief to break the locks of your car. In addition to these expensive belongings, you may also lose some other parts of the car.
  • Try to park your car between other cars so that it is difficult for the thieves to get into the car. If the car is parked towards the end in the parking spaces, these thieves can easily get into the car, steal valuables, and run away easily.
  • If you have to park your car in the garage, prefer parking the car inside the locked garage door and remove any removable, expensive electronic devices from the car.
  • Even when you park the car in the parking spaces below your building overnight, you should remove such costly things from your car. Thieves become more active during night times.
  • If you are giving your car to the valet parker while getting into restaurants, hotels or supermarkets, etc. make sure that you do not leave any keys or belongings in the car.
  • While buying used cars follow proper investigation about the car and check the engine identification number with the VIN.
  • Do not buy used cars with sellers who are not ready to give you their permanent address or who do not have any permanent address.
  • Conduct address verification of the sellers before buying used cars.
  • If you have to keep your vehicle unused for a long time, it is recommended that you remove certain parts of your vehicle without which it is impossible to drive and are very costly.
  • Some of the parts of the vehicles that should be removed include coil wire, electronic ignition fuse and rotor distributor. These parts can be easily separated from the vehicle and makes it difficult to steal your car.
  • If you feel that, your car is not provided with proper secured locks that will guarantee you 100% security, change the locks of the doors. Use those locks that use advanced technology, which are difficult to unlock. T-shaped door locks are the best ones.
  • Have a vehicle identification number with you. Thieves, when they steal your car, will most likely look for the customers who can buy your car. If you have a VIN (vehicle identification number) with you, you can publish it in the paper, stick posters on the walls with VIN number so that is becomes difficult for them to sell your car.
  • Some of the anti-theft gadgets or devices that you can install in your car are glass break sensors, steering wheels lock, fuel-kill switches, ignition-kill switches, transmitters, immobilizers. Some of these devices are quite expensive, but it is worth using these devices in your car as your car is too expensive than these devices.

If your car is stolen, it is necessary that you take some actions as early as possible and register a complaint in the local police station. All the car owners have to take these preventive measures to keep their vehicles safe.

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