How to Prevent Avalanches

Avalanches are natural triggers that can be caused due to natural disturbances or sometimes due to human interference. Avalanches can be sometimes restricted to the area where they are caused, while sometimes they can cause huge destruction spreading to a massive area. This rapid flow of snow through the slope can be prevented if you know how to prevent avalanche.

These avalanches are classified on their morphological characteristics and their destruction levels. They are very common and only occur on snow clad mountains and planes. They can be a cause of damage to you only if you live near the mountains covered with snow or ice. Here are some tips that can help you in preventing avalanches.

Tips to prevent avalanches:

  • To reduce the risk of larger and much disastrous avalanches, you need to use explosives in the mountains near your locality. These explosives should not be too intensive, as we use them only to loosen the snow to prevent the formation of huge snow buildups. These huge snow buildups can cause huge destruction.
  • Planting vegetation on the hills as well as around the hills will help in holding the snow tightly.
  • If you plant vegetation around the hill, you will be protected from the direct impact of the avalanche.
  • Avoid building houses too close to mountains that are covered with snow. In winters, as the snowfall is much higher, avalanches are more common in this season. You need to take extra precautions in this season.
  • You can also raise a high and tough fence on the top of the mountain and on the slope. This will help you in collecting snow to a considerable extent and reduce them considerably by the time they reach to the bottom of the mountain.
  • This snow fence are usually made from wood, steel or pre-stressed concrete and are strong enough to impede the snow.
  • Large stones are also a good option for this. They will also act as obstacles and help in collecting the snow that reduce the extent of damage.
  • Skiing and use of snowmobiles are also responsible for such avalanches. Limit such activities on the mountains.
  • You can also reduce the risk of these avalanches by repeatedly taking help of boot-packing, ski-cutting and using machines to groom the snow.
  • You can also use artificial barrier to restrict the impact of the avalanche. You can make use of snow nets. They are firmly fixed to the ground to prevent snow from reaching residential area situated beneath the mountains.
  • Avalanche dams are also used, that will help you reducing the damage. These avalanche dams are usually used to protect the roads, railway tracks, etc. They are usually made from hard rock or concrete that is erected above these structures, which require protection.
  • Some of the other protective structures used are snow sheds, transportation corridors and shelters. These are built in the sliding path of the avalanche.
  • While traveling through snow clad mountains you need to have proper knowledge of the climbing process and you have to be trained well enough to prevent avalanches. Large human disturbances can also cause avalanches.

Following the tips and useful suggestions given above, you can prevent avalanches and the disaster caused due to avalanches.

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