How to Prevent Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are brown colored parasites, which dwell in the holes present on walls, wooden doors, beds and in any corner of the house. They feed on the blood from their host, and we are the hosts for them. They also lay eggs everywhere they go. You can easily prevent these parasites, if you know how to prevent bed bugs.

Bed bugs develop resistance towards the pesticides, which we use for a longer time. They have developed resistance towards DDT, which is being used to control them since many years, so in this case prevention is better than cure.

How to prevent bed bugs in house:

  • Clean every corner of your house. Whenever you clean your house, spray repellents that will kill the eggs of the bed bugs.
  • Allow your wooden furniture to dry in the sun whenever you clean it. This will also kill the bed bugs and their eggs.
  • Keep experimenting with different pesticides, as bed bugs will easily develop resistance towards them. Changing them frequently would be a better option to keep their effectiveness against them.
  • Patch holes or any peeling walls with putty. They mostly live in these holes.
  • They are also found in cupboards and mostly in the beds. Keep camphor or naphthalene balls in such places. They are helpful in repelling these parasites.
  • They hide in the bed frames during the day and become active when we sleep at night, so everyday before going to bed check the frames of the bed. If you find any bed bug, catch hold of it and throw it in water.
  • They also like to hide themselves in warm places, so you may also find them in laptops, TV sets, books and cartons. Clean them regularly. If possible, avoid storing things in cartons. Bed bugs love to live in them.
  • Remove unwanted things from your house. If you leave such things in your house for a long time, they attract bed bugs.
  • If you bought secondhand furniture in your house, get it treated for pest control before getting it into your house.
  • If you are shifting to a new house, which is kept closed for many months, carry out pest control in this house and shift your furniture to this house.
  • You can also make a strong mixture of eucalyptus oil and apply it to your furniture and in the holes on walls. This is also a good natural repellent for bed bugs.

Bed bugs live in all places where they can easily come in contact with human beings, so examining all such places is very important to address bed bugs.

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