How to Prevent Bubonic Plague

Bubonic plague is the disease caused due to the bacteria, Yersinia Pestis. Plague is a severe bacterial infection that can lead to mortality if proper treatment is not provided to the infected person on time. This disease mainly spreads from the rodents that are the carriers of the bacteria responsible for plague. It can spread like an epidemic if not controlled and prevented, so it is essential that you know how to prevent bubonic plague.

There are three types of plague, bubonic plague, pneumonic plague and septicemic plague. Bubonic plague is the infection caused to the lymph nodes. In this, you may notice swelling or edema on the lymph nodes. In pneumonic plague, the infection is caused to the lungs while in septicemic plague infection is spread throughout the blood.

If you know and understand the symptoms, you can take some precautionary measures on time, or else the disease may become fatal. Some of the common symptoms of bubonic plague are as follows.

  • The distinguishing features of bubonic plague are bubo i.e. painful swelling in the lymph glands.
  • This swelling is noticeable in armpits, neck and in groin.
  • Some other common symptoms include high fever and pain in the muscles.
  • Chills, severe headache and malaise, etc are also some of the symptoms.

Tips to prevent bubonic plague:

  • Sanitation is the most important factor that is helpful in preventing bubonic plague. Sanitation includes personal sanitation, as well as sanitation of the surroundings where you live.
  • As rats spread this disease, it is very essential that you take steps to control rats, if these dreadful rodents infest your house.
  • Other rodents can also spread this disease, but to a smaller extent as compared to the rats. It is essential that you control these rodents also.
  • Go for pest control methods if rat population is too high in your house. This can be done once in every three months if you live in a rodent prone area.
  • Clean your house frequently. Do not leave any food particles on the floor. This can attract these rodents.
  • Keep your garbage bins clean. Always throw the garbage in the sealed garbage bins so that no rodents can feed upon it. Once they come to know the location of garbage bins, they visit that place frequently and increase in number.
  • Keep you kitchen clean. Always keep the food in covered containers. Before going to sleep, make sure that you clean your kitchen properly.
  • Most of the rodents make the kitchen their habitat as they can get a lot of food there, so do not keep anything uncovered.
  • Wash the utensils and do not keep them overnight in the washbasin.
  • Fleas that live on the body of the rats also spread this infection. Mint and pennyroyal can be used in your house to discourage these fleas.
  • Wash your hands before and after having food. Use antiseptic soap and warm water to make your hands infection free.
  • Keep yourself isolated from the patients suffering from plague. This disease can be easily transmitted from one person to another, as it is a communicable disease.
  • Avoid visiting places, which are highly susceptible to plague, or places that are suffering from epidemics of this disease.
  • You can also have pets such as dogs and cats in your house, which will help you in getting rid of such rodents, as they love to catch and eat such rodents. They will reduce the rodent population subsequently.
  • Vaccines are also available to prevent plague. You should take proper vaccines whenever you are about to visit a plague prone area. This is the best and assured preventive measure against plague.

A person suffering form plague should be treated following proper medications on time to avoid serious complications. Following the tips given above, will surely help you prevent bubonic plague and all other kinds of plague.

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