How to Prevent Bulimia

Bulimia or bulimia nervosa is an eating disorder. This disorder is due to the physiological disturbance in which a person restrains intake of food for a long time, and then suddenly stops eating. This disease is common in women and you need to know how to prevent bulimia in order to stay away from the health hazards caused due to it.

Onset of this disease is in the early age of 13 to 18. If you show following symptoms, then you are probably bulimic.

  • During the cycles of over eating and less eating, a person may suffer from fluctuations in weight, gastric reflux, dehydration and inflammation in the esophagus.
  • Peptic ulcers, oral trauma and constipation are some other symptoms.
  • Electrolytic imbalance can also lead to cardiac arrest and many other health issues also come inevitably.

Adults can help their children and teens develop a healthy view towards themselves. They also need to have a positive view towards diet as there is no way to cure this disease. Here follow some important tips to prevent bulimia.

Preventing bulimia:

  • Planning for a healthy diet and exercising regularly is very important to prevent bulimia. It helps in having a healthy body and a healthy mind.
  • If you are physically and mentally fit then you are less likely to go into any kind of depression.
  • Help your children to get out of depression. Help them whenever and wherever necessary.
  • Teens are more likely to lose their self-esteem due to many reasons. Help them gain confidence in their work and studies.
  • Criticism about their body and their looks is the most common things that are responsible for such disorders in children. Help your children to love themselves; the way they look and the way they are.
  • If someone finds anyone criticizing others, then ask them not to do so. This might hurt someone and they may be trapped in eating disorders such as bulimia.
  • Highlight and praise good things about others and do not emphasize much on their negatives.
  • Help your children to pursue their hobbies and interests. This will help them in relieving stress and making their mind free from all the tensions and stress.
  • Discuss with your children about their personal life. Be friendly and cooperative with them. Do not neglect their problems; small or big. Try to understand them and solve their problems.
  • Parents also need to warn their children about the symptoms and dangers of bulimia. Children should know that if they follow such unhealthy eating habits they may invite many diseases.
  • Tell your children that a healthy body does not necessarily mean that they have to be in a perfect figure. If your body gets all the essential nutrients in adequate amount then your bodily structure does not really matter much.
  • Restrict them from aggressive workouts. This will reduce the body weight and is really very dangerous.
  • Help your children mingle with people or friends who are supportive and help not to lose their self-esteem.
  • If your children are following irregular diet habits, you need to restrict them from doing so.
  • If your children are vomiting forcefully, fasting and using laxatives, diuretics and enemas then they are bulimic. You need to have a close observation towards the behavior and habits of your children.
  • Take your children to the doctor and arrange one-to-one sessions with the doctors until you feel that you child is out of the danger. Therapies will help your children from getting out of such diseases.

Even adults are sometimes affected by such disorders, but such cases are less as compared to teenagers. You can follow the tips given above to prevent your children as well as adults from bulimia.

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