How to Prevent Bullying

Bullying can lead to many personality disorders in your child. It can develop an inferiority complex in your child, scare him from facing people. He could indulge into activities like drugs and alcohol consumption if the issue is not resolved at a proper time. This article will give you some simple tips on how to prevent bullying.

Bullying should be discouraged. It should be strictly abandoned. Usually if people notice someone being bullied on a playground, in a park or any place, they tend to stay way from it or just have fun watching them. This encourages bullying. If peers, classmates, passersby take a stand against it this act can be condemned. Bullying is not restricted to schools or small kids. It occurs at the workplace also. Can you work in an office where bullying is tolerated? Your co worker or your senior can bully you, threaten you, trouble you and tease you.  Will you be able to work there? The answer is a big ‘No’! So, bullying should be discouraged totally.

Firstly, your personality is very important for this. Personality doesn’t mean you have to be 6 feet tall or have a good body.  Rather than your body posture, your communication and your eye contact will serve the purpose. If you depict that you are afraid, higher are the chances of you getting bullied. Be confident in your actions and speech. Voice against such incidents. Do not let the world feel that you can be easily bullied.

Besides, here are some simple suggestions to prevent bullying in schools or for amongst kids:

  1. If your child complains about any such bullying incident, do not just avoid it. Take it seriously. If you fail to do so your child will never again be able to come and talk to you about it.
  2. Build up confidence in your child. Let him or her feel that you will support him or her to fight against bullying.
  3. Communicate with the child’s teacher, caregiver, and parents. Try to solve the problem, but do not indulge in violence against the one who is bullying.
  4. Try to find out how the bullied child is treated by his friends, colleagues and so on.
  5. Teach the child to be strong, teach him to say “NO” to such situations without being aggressive.
  6. Teach the child to manage bullying; either by walking away, avoiding, or fighting back.
  7. Encourage your child to help other children suffering in a similar situation.
  8. Also tell your child that you will not accept any kind of bullying behavior. If your child does so, speak to him, his teachers and also punish if necessary.
  9. As far as possible do not threaten your child, do not force him or her. This leads to developing a bullying behavior in your child.
  10. Tell your child to participate in activities and workshops held against such behavior.
  11. Schools should take proper initiatives against this. The staff should keep an eye on the children during the breaks, when on playground and so on. Schools should have strict laws against bullying.

In this way bullying can be fought with easily. After all it is not a world war. It just needs an initiative and the confidence to discourage such behavior.

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