How to Prevent Bunions

Bunions are foot deformities that cause various problems in walking, wearing footwear and also swelling of the joint near the bunion. This article will tell you how to prevent bunions. Here are some simple instructions to prevent bunions and its effects. Have a look.

Bunions are most common in women because they often wear tight shoes or sandals. Due to this the toe joint shifts towards the other fingers of the feet and forces the joint to bulge outwards.

The affected person experiences pain in his/her feet while walking. You cannot wear narrow shoes or sandals. However, bullions can be prevented and the after effects can be cured. Here are some simple instructions to prevent bunions and its effects.

How to prevent bunions?

  1. Choose footwear that are not very tight and have some foot space.
  2. Choose footwear that is thick and will not squeeze your foot or toe.
  3. Avoid high heels – pencil heels and stilettos are a strict no- no. These exert the entire body weight on the toes and lead to formation of bunions. If at all it is necessary to wear heels to gain that extra height, you can opt for platform heels or wedges. This should not be more than two inches and should evenly balance your body.
  4. Do not wear footwear all the time. Walk bare feet on the grass. This is good for your entire body, not just your feet.
  5. Insert bunion pads, bunion cushions, cushion pads in your shoes that you wear daily. You need to buy a larger sized shoe so that your feet are comfortable with the padding inside the shoes. Foot massages, foot soaks and other foot therapies that help your feet relax and also keep the muscles, ligaments and joints in your feet flexible and soft will not only help you to avoid bunions but also help you relax after a long hectic day.

In case you have bunions -

  1. Shop for new shoes only during afternoons as your feet swells maximum during this time. This will help you choose the right footwear size.
  2. Do not opt for narrow shoes because they tend to squeeze you feet. This will worsen the bunions.
  3. If the bunion is painful, place a cushion near the bunion. Make sure that the shoe is big enough to help you place the cushion.
  4. There are some exercises that can help reduce the ailment. Place your feet together. Stretch your feet with both the toes together and repeat this several times.

Many products can also be used to avoid bunion pain during the day.

  1. Cushions – soft pads inserted in your shoes.
  2. Bunion cushions – soft pads especially for the bunion area inserted in the shoe.
  3. Night splints – This is a thin elastic material that helps to keep the toe joint and the rest of the foot join in sync to avoid the bunion pain and stop it from getting worse.

The above mentioned can help prevent bunions and also helps you avoid bunion pains.

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