How to Prevent Burnout

The feeling of overwhelm or dissatisfaction, which is caused due to physical, mental and emotional exhaustions is burnout. When we fail to meet some demands in life then, we get frustrated and there is loss of confidence within us, people also lose interest in doing things. This can be a threat to your job, relationships and health. Therefore, you need to know how to prevent burnout.

Stress and burnout are not same. People who get stressed can manage and get out of stress through some means and feel better after some times. People can try to get out of the situation and there are some hopes of recovering for stressed out people.

On the other hand people who suffer from burnouts have a feeling of emptiness, loss of motivation and they don’t see any hope of positive changes in their life. Stress in life can be noticed, but it very difficult to notice the condition of being burned out.

You have to pay attention towards the warning signs of burnout; if you fail to do, burnout can creep on you, making the condition more and more worse, ruining your life.

Symptoms of burnout:

  • You may notice a feeling of drain out, frequent back pains, changes in sleep and wake-up patterns, sickness and loss of appetite.
  • You always have a feeling of dissatisfaction and sense a feeling of self doubt.
  • You have a loss of positive attitude in life and always feel defeated.
  • Loss of motivation in work and life.
  • Unable to take decisions,
  • Withdraw yourself from responsibilities, and use of drugs and alcohol to drive you away from the responsibilities.
  • Skipping work and taking your frustrations on others and holding them responsible for your problems.

These symptoms can cause serious health issues if they are not addressed on time. Recognizing the early signs of burnout is the most important factor that contributes towards preventing this disorder. Here are some suggestions that will help in keeping yourself away from these symptoms.

Important suggestions to prevent burnout:

Stay happy and stay healthy:

  • Happiness is the key to a healthy life. If you are happy and satisfied with whatever you have in life, you are always away from diseases like burnout.
  • Do things that will make you happy, surround yourself with people who make you happy and help you get out of stress and tension.
  • Give some to yourself, plan for picnics with family and friends.
  • Make connections with people and participate in social and cultural activities.
  • Reward yourself for the work you have done. Buy chocolates, gifts, new clothes whenever you have successfully accomplished some task. This will help you in keeping your enthusiasm and interest towards work.

Learn to manage stress:

  • If you are stressed out due to work in the office and at home, then learn stress management techniques.
  • Perform stretching exercises when you get up early in the morning, spend time for meditating instead of jumping out of the bed immediately after your wake up.
  • Relax and spend some time in chatting with your family members when you reach home from work. Share your experiences throughout the day with them; good or bad.
  • If you are unable to handle some task at work place, share it with your colleagues.
  • Plan and schedule your work properly and follow it accordingly. You need to get organized, to relieve stress.
  • Get a head massage every night and shower with warm water at night before going to sleep. This will give you good sleep at night.
  • Sleep at least for 6 to 7 hours at night.
  • You should get complete body massage at least once in a month from the professionals.
  • Do not over exhaust yourself at workplace by extending your work pressure and working hours at office.

Have healthy diet and exercise to get rid of burnout:

  • Healthy diet and exercise will help you in revitalizing your body. If you supply necessary nutrients to your body, then your body can restore more energy and work more efficiently.
  • Include plenty of proteins, vitamins, minerals, dietary fibers and carbohydrates in your diet.
  • Exercise for at least 20 to 30 minutes daily. Mild exercises such as running, jogging, cycling and yoga are good sources of keeping your body and mind in a healthy state.

Tips for managers to protect the employees from burnout:

  • Appreciate your employees for their work. Show them that they are productive and are very helpful for you.
  • Try to challenge the employees to keep their enthusiasm at work alive and reward them for their work.
  • Try to understand their personal problems at times.
  • Allow them to relax for some time, have a coffee and chat with their colleagues for some time so that they can relax for some time.
  • Make sure that they are comfortable with the work culture in the office and love their work.
  • Create a room for employees where they can sit and relax quietly for some time and get relief from the pressure.
  • Organize picnics and parties for your employees at least once in every three months.
  • Try to create a friendly atmosphere among the workers of your company.
  • Let them know that you appreciate their work by sending emails, using gestures such as “thank you”, “good job”, “ congratulations”, “well done”, etc.

The tips given above are helpful in preventing burnout. Follow them if you feel that you are at the risk of a burnout.

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