How to Prevent Chaffing

Chaffing of the skin or irritation of the skin mainly occurs due to continuous rubbing of the body parts on each other. Chaffing of skin can also occur due to the rubbing of the fabric. This mainly occurs due to new fabric and it is very irritating and painful. It leaves your skin raw, red and painful. This article on how to prevent chaffing gives you some easy tips on preventing chaffing.

Tips to prevent chaffing:

  • Select clothes that won’t cause chaffing. If your skin is prone to chaffing then select those clothes that are smooth and do not irritate. People who are prone to chaffing should avoid wearing woolen fabrics and other synthetic fabrics that are abrasive.
  • Such people should avoid wearing clothes that are too tight. Tight clothes create friction on the skin due to rubbing continuously. This results in chaffing.
  • Apply moisturizers or petroleum gelly on the skin to keep your skin smooth and prevent it from getting irritated due to the fabric. They act as lubricants.
  • Obese people are more prone to chaffing on the inner thighs, so try to maintain a healthy weight. Do not eat oily food and try to exercise to reduce weight if you are overweight.
  • Stay hydrated. Drinking enough water rejuvenates your skin by shedding the dead tissues and allows growth of new tissues.
  • Hydrated skin contains proper amount of moisture within it and prevents the skin from getting chaffed.
  • If your skin is already chaffed, expose your skin. This helps in healing the chaffed skin quickly..
  • Chaffed area should be cleaned regularly with a gentle soap, else the skin may become reddish and sensitive.
  • Using an antibacterial soap will help prevent the chaffed area from any kind of infection. The chaffed area of the skin is susceptible to infections, so try to keep it clean and safe.
  • Athletes frequently experience chaffing in their inner thighs due to continuous friction of the skin while running. They should select their fabric more carefully.
  • Wearing short pants will be helpful in preventing the skin from getting chaffed. They should avoid wearing clothes that are too tight.
  • A proper diet to have a healthy skin would help prevent chaffing. Include fruits and fruit juices in your diet. A healthy skin is less at the risk of getting chaffed.
  • Sweat should not be allowed to stay for a longer time on your body. Sweating makes the skin moist. Moisture on the skin for a longer time makes your skin hotter in summer and cooler in winter, which accelerates chaffing of the skin.
  • Spray baby powder between the thighs if you experience the problem of chaffing frequently. This works well in preventing chaffs on the skin.

Try the suggestions given above to prevent chaffing. They have been of a great help for many people.

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