How to Prevent Child Abuse

Child abuse is not just physical assault or harm to a child, but any emotional and mental situation that makes the child feel uncomfortable. It stops the normal upbringing of the child. We as responsible citizens should know “how to prevent child abuse?” We should also educate our children about the same so that they do not become a victim of child abuse.

A verbal, physical, emotional abuse or mental stresses to child are types of child abuse. There are many NGO’s that work towards this cause, but we should remember that the parents are the first one to save their children from child abuse. If parents are educated regarding child abuse and prevention of the same, they can prevent their own child from getting abused. This could also help their child prevent his or her friends from such situations.

It is very essential to prevent child abuse because it leads to personality disorders, habits such as smoking, alcohol consumption, etc. Such instances can lead to drug addiction, isolation and inferiority complex in the child when they grow up to be adults.

Here are some simple things to remember to fight child abuse:

  1. Talk to your child. An open communication with your child will help you to communicate with your child freely and vice versa
  2. Educate your child about child abuse. Explain them in simple language about the abuses
  3. Tell him or her what is a “good touch” and a “bad touch”
  4. tell him or her that they can’t be forced to indulge in a particular activity that makes them feel uncomfortable
  5. Tell your child that this is the age to learn and grow and not work. This will help them to fight against child labor and also help other children.
  6. Teach your child to communicate such situations to you or their teachers
  7. Teach your child to call 911 (Emergency) in case of such a situation. Help them to identify a policeman, by looking at his uniform and badge
  8. There are many NGO’s that work for this cause. You can always contact them in such situations.

Besides external child abuse, there are instances wherein parents themselves are into child abuse, such as:

1. Emotional stress

If the parents do not get along well, they quarrel and get into physical assault quite often.  This has a bad impact on the child’s emotional and mental growth.

2. Neglect

Situations wherein parents fail to give time and love to their child leads to a feeling of being neglected. This leads the child to get into a wrong group of friends..

It is primarily the duty of parents to protect their children from such abuses. Various NGO’s and the police are always there to help you in such a situation. You need to create awareness, educate your child and most importantly, communicate with your child. Do not hesitate to complaint in case you witness such a situation. Fight against child abuse and help us eradicate child abuse from the society.

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