How to Prevent Cholesterol

Cholesterol is a waxy steroid that is present in the cell membrane. It is very useful for the body in many ways such as providing fluidity to the cell membranes and help in manufacture of bile acids, fat-soluble vitamins and steroid hormones. These benefits of the cholesterol are put to proper use if the cholesterol is consumed in controlled proportions. This article on how to prevent cholesterol gives you some simple tips in controlling its consumption.

Cholesterol is not directly consumed by our body. The fats which we include in our diet are synthesized by our body which are transformed into cholesterol for further use. These fats when consumed in excessive proportions lead to many serious health hazards. These health hazards range from heart diseases to increased weight.

You should modify some habits so that you can limit the consumption of the cholesterol in your diet. Here are some simple methods that will help you in decreasing and controlling the cholesterol levels.

Tips to prevent cholesterol:

Limit consumption of saturated fats:

  • Saturated fats are very hazardous to your health as they are not synthesized by the body easily and get accumulated in the body for a longer time. Limit their consumption.
  • Know the sources of food that add saturated fats to your diet. Reduce the consumption of such food in your diet.
  • You should be well educated about the nutritious values of the foods that you include in your diet. Red meat and turkey are a rich source of saturated fats. Include them in minimized proportions in your diet.
  • On the other hand unsaturated fats are less dangerous to your health. You can eat them, but make sure that your body utilizes them efficiently.
  • Eat diet that contains low fat.

Monitor cholesterol levels regularly:

  • Get your cholesterol levels checked regularly. You should consult your family doctors about any of your health issues.
  • If your cholesterol level exceeds certain stated limit then consult a nutritionist to plan a healthy diet for you.
  • Follow the diet tips given by your nutritionist regularly.

Exercise regularly:

  • Exercising is the best way that will help you in burning the extra calories from your body and help in maintaining your body weight and reducing the cholesterol levels in your body.
  • Exercising does not mean that you should perform heavy workouts in the gym, you can perform simple exercises at your home such as yoga, walking, swimming, jogging, etc.
  • Playing sports will also be very helpful in reducing your body weight and increase the blood circulation in your body. This is very helpful in the proper functioning of the heart as it uses all the essential nutrients you consume.

Be active:

  • Do not sit for a long time in one place. Increase your physical activities. This is very essential to use the cholesterol levels in your body.
  • If your work requires that you sit in one place for a long period then it is necessary that you take breaks in between.

Stop smoking:

  • Smoking is one of the common factors that is found to be responsible for increasing the cholesterol level in your body.
  • Smoking promotes the saturation of cholesterol in the body and does not allow the cholesterol to break down.
  • Avoid smoking to reduce cholesterol and also to prevent many other diseases that are very harmful to your health.

Avoid junk food:

  • Junk food adds large amounts of cholesterol to your body, so limit the consumption of junk food.
  • If you are eating junk food then read the ingredients on the packets. Eat those junk food items that contain lesser amount of cholesterol.
  • Drinking beverages is also very harmful to your health, so limit their consumption too.

Use the simple tips given above to reduce the cholesterol level in your body and live a healthy life.

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