How to Prevent Colic

Does you child suddenly cry and scream? Does your child cry continuously for more than an hour and all your attempts to see his/her mesmerizing smile fail? If this is the case, then your child is probably having the problem of colic. As your baby grows he will come out of this state automatically, but you can also minimize this by knowing how to prevent colic.

The causes of colic may vary from child to child. You need to have a keen observation towards your child, to identify the exact cause of colic in your child. It is usually believed that a child usually has a fussy period during the day, and gas builds up in his stomach which causes this problem.

Some of the reasons for a child becoming colic:

  • If your child is crying immediately after feeding, then he may be having the problem of acid reflux.
  • Milk can also cause allergies to your child resulting in diarrhea and the child keeps crying for more than an hour if this occurs frequently.
  • Some food items that mothers eat can also cause these symptoms in your child if you are breastfeeding your child.

Tips to prevent colic:

Preventing colic is not possible until you know the exact cause of it, so you first need to check for its cause.

Avoid Stimulants:

  • Keep a check on what you are eating and avoid foods that are allergic to your child, especially if you are breastfeeding your child.
  • Most of the time, foods such as soy, eggs, meat, fish, peanuts, chocolates in a mothers’ diet are found to be allergic to the child. Such food items must be avoided.

Make changes in your babies’ food:

  • Maintain a record of your baby’s diet. Sometimes feeding certain foods to your child can cause problem while others are safe.
  • Your baby may not be able to digest certain foods. Due to improper digestion he may suffer from stomachache, difficulty in passing stool, gas builds up in his body. This creates uneasiness and the child cries.
  • For example, if your child is fed cow’s milk, then switch to powdered milk as it is quiet difficult to digest cow’s milk.
  • Easy to digest foods are always safe for your child.

Treating a colicky child:

  • Some probiotics and herbal products will help you in treating your child.
  • Probiotics are present naturally in your child’s digestive tract and are beneficial fro your child. You can also give probiotic supplements to your child, which are available in the form of drops in any medical stores.
  • Take advice of a pediatrician before giving probiotics to the colicky child.
  • An herbal remedy in the form of fennel can also treat a colicky infant. Mix this in water and give it to your child in the diluted from after heating it. This will calm your baby.
  • There are some herbal products available in the market, which will also help your child.

Avoid smoking:

  • Researches have shown that women who smoke when pregnant are at high risk of giving birth to a colicky child. So, avoid smoking during pregnancy.
  • Secondhand smoke is also the source of problem for your child. Avoid smoking in the house if there are small children in your house.
  • This nicotine containing smoke can impair many functions of the child and the discomforting feeling can urge the child to cry.
  • These toxins can also enter into your child if you are a smoking mother and breastfeeding your infant.

How to stop a crying baby:

If your baby is crying continuously and loudly, then it can be frustrating and a worrying situation for you. You can try the following thing to make your baby quiet.

  • Make some loud noise such that your child forgets about its uneasiness for some time and concentrates in something else. Make sure that the frequency is not too high and the voice is soothing. You can make noise of the vacuum cleaner, take some utensils and bang them.
  • Take your baby out for a while. Taking your baby to a peaceful environment will ease him.
  • Massage your baby by applying some pressure on the stomach. Sometimes a soothing touch of mother is enough.
  • Lift the baby in your arms and dance for a while. Play some music; constant movements will also help ease your child.

The above preventive measures will surely help you. If nothing helps, it is not a grave problem; your child will eventually recover himself from colic.

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