How to Prevent Conflict

If you should master the art of communication, you can easily prevent conflict. Conflict can arise due to different reasons and you need to have proper control over yourself to prevent conflicts, otherwise this conflict could result into a violent one. If you want to know how to prevent conflict, you should know how to tackle such situations, which could result conflicts.

Tips to prevent conflict:

Proper communication:

  • Proper communication and use of proper lexis matters a lot in preventing conflicts. Most of the conflicts are a result of using abusive words.
  • You should always speak in a sober tone that pleases others to do the same.
  • Never misuse words. This can hurt the emotions of others and result into conflict.
  • Most of the times your perspective may not match with other persons’ in that case you should be able to explain things in a proper manner that will not create any differences between both of you.
  • You should try to make good connections with people by means of your communication. You are recognized in the society by the way you speak to others.
  • Be kind and generous with your words even if you do not agree with the person in front of you.
  • Try to ignore and stay calm if your perspective does not match with those of the others.

Never misuse your powers:

  • This happens mainly in the companies, schools and colleges.
  • Most of the higher authorities try to misuse their powers and argue with their juniors. They also use abusive words taking advantage of their power.
  • This can result into conflict, so if you hold a higher position in an organization, you should know how to be polite and supportive with your employees.
  • You should try to understand the problems that your co-workers are facing and if you have the authority try to solve them.
  • In schools and colleges, mostly children are engaged in activities such as bullying and using abusive words against other children who are weak and cannot tackle them.

Manage stress, tension and anxiety:

  • Stress is also one of the factors that could lead to conflicts among people. If you are stressed by work or due to some family problems, you are likely to be engaged in conflicts with people.
  • Therefore, you should try to manage stress and tension.
  • Meditation is one of the best ways that will help you manage stress. It also helps you have proper control over yourself. It will make your mind free from any kind of stressful thoughts that can annoy and irritate you.
  • You should also try to make connections with people. This also helps you in preventing stress and in improving your communication skills.
  • Exercise is also one of the ways to help you prevent stress and keep you enthusiastic and cheerful.

Be constructive:

  • Always try to have constructive approach. Never insult someone or point out their negative traits.
  • If you have any problem with people around you, try to let them know about this in a proper manner.
  • If there are any off-putting characters in someone, use proper words to convey this to them.
  • Try to compromise with people and never hurt their emotions by pointing out at their physical appearance or their looks.
  • If you generate positive vibes around you while greeting people, you are probably less engaged into such conflicts.

The tips given above will surely help you in preventing conflict. You can teach them to other people as well who are aggressive and are mostly into such conflicts.

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