How to Prevent Corrosion

When metals are exposed to moisture, salt and dirt, it gets corroded. Many of you must have experienced this problem. The surfaces of the metals, if not protected properly can increase the levels of corrosion. However, every metal needs proper care, to prevent it from corrosion. This article on how to prevent corrosion gives you some simple suggestions on preventing corrosion.

Many of the metals are protected from corrosion by adapting effective corrosion control methods while manufacturing. The best way to prevent corrosion is protecting it with protective coatings while designing. Materials that are less prone to corrosion should be used in manufacturing products that are exposed to the harsh environmental conditions frequently.

Tips to prevent corrosion:

  • Use products that are less prone to corrosion.
  • Products made from aluminum and stainless steel, do not get corroded easily. They are long lasting and efficient.
  • If you are using products made from other metals then coat them with metals that are non-corrosive.
  • Surfaces of metals that are prone to corrosion are coated with zinc, copper that can protect them from corrosion.
  • If the coating of the products have been deteriorating then you can coat them with the metals that are resistant to moisture and the dust.
  • Some products are also painted with inorganic paints. These paints contain some amount of silicone and zinc, which helps prevent corrosion.
  • You can apply these anti corrosive paints yourself. It does not need any expertise.
  • Corrosion under the ground in the plumbing systems is a major problem. Once pipes underground get corroded there is no other method than replacing them. It costs too much, so it is necessary that you take proper preventive measures before installing these pipes.
  • Pipes that are made from copper alloy are the best to prevent them from rusting.
  • Corrosion is also a common problem with cars. Most of the times the cars are not coated well with a protective layer while manufacturing, you have to take extra care of your cars.
  • Cleaning your car regularly is very helpful in preventing it from corrosion. To clean your car, use a solution of soap or mix a detergent with mild water so that the dirt can be removed from easily.
  • It is impossible to avoid exposure of your car to the environmental factors that cause corrosion. Especially, corrosion in cars is in the areas which are hard to reach. Once you have cleaned such places apply a coat of petroleum jelly such that they are protected from the moisture.
  • Electrical connections need to be kept clean, they also get corroded. Use a clean cloth to clean to them and apply some petroleum jelly to them as well.
  • You might also have come across the problem of corrosion in your washing machines. There are powders available to prevent corrosion in the washing machine. Get them from any nearby stores and use them.

The tips given above will give you 100% prevention from corrosion. Follow them to prevent corrosion.

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