How to Prevent Creases

Creases or wrinkles in leather shoes are due to the moisture loss from shoes. This happens when your shoes are exposed to heat and because ofthe perspiration or sweat from your legs when your wear your shoes for a long time. If you have bought a new pair of shoes and you want them to last longer and look new and stiff, here are some tips that will help you know how to prevent creases in the shoes.

Tips to prevent creases in shoes:

  • Never expose your shoes to direct heat. Do not keep your shoes in sun or near any inflammable source. This will damage the texture of the leather and cause creases in the shoes.
  • Even if your shoes come in contact with the inflammable source once, your shoes get deformed.
  • Place shoe trees or cedar shoe trees in your shoes so that they remain stiff for a longer time. These shoe trees are easily available in any shoe store. They are made from good quality wood such as cedar. You may also get plastic shoe trees.
  • Keep these shoe trees in your shoes every time you wear them. The will help in preventing creases as well as extend the life of your shoes.
  • Cedar shoe trees will also help in preventing the odor and also absorb the moisture from the foot.
  • If your feet sweat a lot, follow some methods that will help you reducing the sweat form your feet. Spray powder on your feet before wearing the shoes. People having sweating problem in feet should prefer wearing open shoes.
  • Do not wear same shoes for many days. Have few pair of shoes in your wardrobe, so that you can change your shoes everyday. If you allow the air to pass inside your shoes and dry for some time, they will regain their stiffness and creases are prevented.
  • Do not use acidic cleaners to clean your leather shoes. Acid will crack the shoe and the leather ages early.
  • Do not use liquid polishes to polish your shoes. Such polishes will make the leather dry and develop wrinkles easily.
  • Polish your shoes regularly using a cream or paste based shoe polish. They will increase the life of your shoes.
  • Do not wash your leather shoes with water and detergents frequently to clean them. This will soften the leather and make it wrinkle prone.
  • Buy shoes that fit your legs properly. If you buy shoes with lot of room inside, then they are more likely to crease. Therefore, buy shoes of appropriate size that have only a considerable amount of space left in the front side.
  • Select good quality shoes. Look for the leather of the shoes while buying shoes. Some shoes may look stiff when you buy them, but develop wrinkles within four to five weeks. Therefore, you need to have good knowledge of the leather while buying shoes.
  • You can also apply the solutions available in the shoe repair shop to make the shoe retain its stiffness for a longer time.
  • If your shoes have creases and wrinkles, then to get rid of it you can use a trick. Dampen a cloth (do not soak it) in water. Place it on the top of your shoes. Run an iron over this cloth; two to three times. Do not allow the iron to heat to high temperature, as it will burn the leather.
  • Now remove the cloth and rub the surface of the shoes with your hand for some time. You will see no more wrinkles on your shoes.

Following the tips given above, you will be able to prevent creases in your leather shoes.

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