How to Prevent Credit Card Fraud

Credit card fraud is the most common kind of identity theft, which a millions of people complain about daily. These credit card companies have to maintain records of many people daily and due to this, there is high possibility of errors in this case. You may have to suffer unknowingly, most of the times. Here are some tips that will help you know how to prevent credit card fraud.

How to prevent credit card fraud:

  • You have to maintain a proper track of transactions being carried out through your account. Get the slips of the transactions and maintain them with you. You should also ask for the monthly statements and review them.
  • You will also get a copy of your credit card report from the company. If you invest your time and money, you can get a report of the credit card from these organizations who maintain your credit cards.
  • Never reveal your credit card number to anyone. Even if you trust someone, don’t take a chance of letting them know your credit card number and password.
  • Do not write your credit card number and password and keep it in your wallet. It is best to remember these numbers.
  • If you do not remember these numbers and need to keep them in your pocket, make sure that you do not write the password and the credit card number on the same paper.
  • While carrying out money transactions online, like shopping online, buy from sources that provide you proper security.
  • Do not provide your credit card details on phishing e-mails. Avoid replying to any spam mails that ask for your personal information and your personal account numbers. These are the tricks to fraudulently get access to your personal information.
  • If you have 100% guarantee about the online sources, only then enter your credit card numbers when asked. Online identity theft is the most serious issue, which is increasing at an alarming speed.
  • Never relay on third party websites while buying products, which allow you to navigate from one site to another. Enter the URL of the website through which you want to get your transactions done directly and follow the process.
  • Never carry and maintain too many cards with you. It can be difficult for you to maintain proper information about them.
  • If your card is lost, call the customer care number immediately and get your card blocked.
  • Register a complaint with the local police station for the lost cards.
  • While using your credit cards in restaurants and super markets, make sure that the person swiping your card is not noting down the credit card number. Small handheld devices can be used to record the number of your credit card and carry transactions from it later.
  • Never sign on blank credit card receipts. Always check the amount withdrawn from your card before signing it.
  • If there are any empty spaces left in the receipts then write “$0” in that space and then sign the card.

If you do not want to be cheated and secure your finances, yet maintain a credit card with you, follow the safety precautions while carrying out any transactions using the credit cards.

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