How to Prevent Dementia

“Dementia” is a brain disorder; it affects the normal functioning of the brain.  Dementia – A Latin word wherein “de” means without and “ment” means brains. Around 24 million people around the world over are affected with dementia. This article is a small effort to create awareness about “How to prevent dementia?”

Patients suffering from dementia cannot think normally. They cannot perform their daily activities like bathing, eating and dressing on their own. Their ability to think and react to emotions is lost.

As per reports, in USA, a case of dementia is diagnosed every seven seconds. This means, by 2050 the number of cases will be up by 4 times. No one would want to depend on someone else for a normal activity like eating. Thus everyone wants to stay away from this disorder.

Here are some simple ways, some alterations in your lifestyle that will help to stay away from this disorder.


Like we all think about a healthy diet for body, heart, skin and hair we should also follow a healthy diet for our brain. One important nutrient that prevents dementia is folic acid. This is usually present in green vegetables and fruits. This reduces hymocysteine, which leads to Alzheimer’s disease. Studies also state that coffee and chocolate contain antioxidants that prevent cell damage.

2. Exercise

Exercise need not be vigorous. Just 15 minutes of exercise everyday, be it a simple jog or a walk or a simple exercise, helps improve blood circulation, and thus, reduces the risk of dementia. Activities like walking, gardening, climbing stairs, normal household work can also be very helpful.

  1. 3. Think positive

Positive thinking keeps the mind cheerful and calm. It does not lead to aging of the brain; whereas, stress and depression, cause damage to brain cells and lead to early aging of the brain.


If you suffer from hypertension please consult your doctor. Stress and tension are the main reason for dementia.

5.Mental health

Just like your body needs exercise to function properly, your brain also needs some exercise. Games like chess, puzzle, playing a musical instrument, scramble, etc. are good brain exercises. A study by Mayo Clinic claims that engaging in computer activities, crafting and the likes have led to a 30 to 40 % reduction in dementia cases.

6. Having goals in life, achieving them, developing a self esteem and respect in society keep you far away from dementia. Such respect and recognition tends to build up a positive feeling and confidence in oneself, which again dismisses the fear of dementia.

The key to a healthy brain is a healthy diet, healthy lifestyle and no stress. If you manage to follow these simple instructions you need not fear Dementia.

Just remember, just like your heart or body, your brain also needs the right food and exercise to function effectively and stay healthy. Dementia is not something that is out of your control. It is your lifestyle that lets dementia take the control of your life. Hope this article will help you to follow a healthy lifestyle that will keep you mentally fit and far away from such a disorder.

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