How to Prevent Diaper Rash

As the skin of your baby is very sensitive it can easily develop reactions due to any unhygienic conditions. Diaper rash can be caused due to various things. Your babies’ own stool and urine may cause reaction if you don’t change the diaper frequently. This reddish rash caused to the baby is very discomforting. If you want to reduce or eliminate the pain caused to your baby because of these diaper rashes, then this article on how to prevent diaper rash gives you some simple tips on it.

Tips to prevent diaper rash:

  • The tender skin of your baby can react easily to any kind of mild trigger, so it requires that you keep your baby away from such reactions.
  • You should practice good hygiene. Keep your baby clean and dry. Change the diapers regularly and use a damp cloth to clean the skin initially.
  • When you have cleaned the skin with damp cloth, pat the skin dry using another cloth. Leave it as it is for some time and then use another clean new diaper.
  • If your baby stays for too long with the urine and feces in its diaper then it will develop rashes. Observe your baby frequently and even if he urinates too little, change the diaper.
  • Use of scented soaps will also cause reaction to the babies’ skin sometimes, so avoid using too harsh soaps to wash your baby.
  • Each time you clean your babies’ genitals, clean his thighs as well as his legs properly using lukewarm water. You can also add few drops of disinfectants to the water you are using for cleaning.
  • You can try switching between different diapers to see which one suits your baby the best.
  • Dust your babies’ bottom with talcum powder. Using powders that are specially meant for babies is a good option.
  • Powders that are made from corn starch are also good for your baby.
  • Whenever you wash the diapers, use a little vinegar in the water. Vinegar helps in eliminating the acidity that is caused due to the urine present in diaper which is the main culprit of rashes.
  • Do not make use of plastic pants or pants made from any synthetic fabrics. They irritate your babies’ tender skin very easily. Cotton pants are the best ones for your child.

If your baby already has diaper rashes:

  • If your baby already has diaper rashes then the first thing you need to do is stop using diapers for some days till the reddish sores on the babies’ skin vanish completely.
  • If you continue using the diapers even when the baby has sores or rashes on the skin then it may worsen the condition irritating the skin more.
  • Avoid using the diapers for some days and allow your baby’s skin to breath fresh air by exposing her skin for some days.
  • If you are using wipes to clean your baby when it has rashes then use those wipes that are soft and do not irritate the skin of your baby. Wipes made from cotton clothes are the best ones. You can prepare these wipes at your home by cutting a pure cotton cloth into square pieces of desired size and use them to wipe the babies’ skin.
  • Do not use scented wipes; these will worsen the rashes and sores.
  • If you notice any sores, you should apply ointment to the skin immediately. Neosporin when applied to the sores acts as a barrier and cures the rashes.
  • Applying petroleum gelly and ointments containing zinc oxide will also help your child. You will easily get them from any medical stores.

The best way to prevent diaper rash is not to make use of diapers. The tips given above will help you and your child to say good bye to the diaper rashes.

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