How to Prevent Discrimination

There is a huge cultural diversity within a country; immigration of people from one country to another will also create cultural diversity. Due to this, there is huge discrimination, especially in small organizations while hiring employees. Here are some tips that will help you know how to prevent discrimination.

These employers usually discriminate people based on the national origin, and it is very essential that these employers know and abide the rules and regulations and prevent such discrimination. Discrimination is also done based on the physical appearance such as color, height, gender, etc. in workplace. It is very essential that we do something to prevent such kind of discrimination.

Tips to prevent discrimination:

  • The first thing that the employer should know and understand is that it is illegal to discriminate the people on the basis of their nationality and appearance. It is strictly against the laws. If they are caught doing such bias while hiring the employers, then they can be put behind bars.
  • There are many laws enforced by the government to prevent such kind of discrimination at workplace. Some of these laws are the equal pay act in federal anti-discrimination laws, age discrimination in employment act, equal employment opportunity commission, etc.
  • It is essential that the employers as well as employees study and understand these laws and if they find any such illegal activities in their organizations, they should launch a complaint with the respective authorities.
  • You can look for the detailed description about all the laws simply by searching for “laws against discrimination at workplace”. You will get detailed information about these laws. Being a working professional, you should study these laws.
  • Employers need to create a friendly atmosphere at workplace. Based upon the knowledge and their hard work, they should be given opportunities for improvement, and higher positions and not based on their nationality, race, etc.
  • Employers should maintain a handbook that outlines policies and rules that should be followed at workplace.
  • Interaction with the employees is a must. This will help the employers in understanding the problems and difficulties his/her workers are facing in the organization. If he comes across any such discrimination issue, he should take some necessary actions to resolve them.
  • Employees should be asked to celebrate cultural and extracurricular activities. This will help you in dissolving the barriers and the communication gap between employees.
  • Every religion and every culture has different festivals and each celebrate them in a different manner. If you celebrate these festivals at office, you will be able to know other festivals and their importance.
  • Employers should promote equality and diversity in workplace. They should recognize and value the difference between the cultures and practices in workplace.
  • They should try to hire people from all the classes of the community. Look for people within minor communities and create a source of equal opportunity for people.
  • Never ask demographic and personal questions while interviewing a person. This will create an impression on the employee that you are being bias.

Following the tips given above, you can easily prevent discrimination at workplace.

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