How to Prevent Dog Fights

Some breeds of dogs such as Bully Kutta, Scottish Bulldog, Gull Dong, English Mastiff, etc. are originally developed for fighting and used for the same purpose. Although, every dog can be engaged into fighting, there is a high risk with the fighting breeds of dogs. Having such dogs in your house as your pets is not safe at all. To know how to prevent dog fights, you need to know how to socialize and modify the behavior of your dogs.

Dog fights can be between the dogs of the same sex or between dogs of different sex. If these dog fights are between the same sex dogs, it is basically to seek your attention and due to their dominant behavior. Looking at the dog you can get prior intimation of the fight.

Below are some of the behavioral changes that can be seen in a dog, which can be engaged into fighting.

  • You will notice a change in the body language of the dogs. Their body movements become stiff.
  • They have a hard, targeted stare towards something they want to attack or something that is tempting them to attack.
  • They pull their lips tight against their teeth, which makes these canines visible with and increase in the secretion of saliva from the mouth and also hold the tail stiff.

Tips to prevent dog fights:

  • If you notice any if the warning signs of a fight, you have to take some preventive measures at this time to preventing the situation from getting worse. As soon as you notice the warning signs say “NO” in a loud and commanding voice to your dog. Timing matters a lot here. You should be perfect in timing to redirect your dogs’ attention.
  • If this helps you bring the situation under control, you have won the battle before entering the combat zone. Once the dog starts fighting with other dogs, it is almost impossible to bring the situation under control.
  • If your dog has stopped the aggressive look after doing this, praise him for this so that it won’t repeat this action next time.
  • You need to be a good trainer and a volunteer for your dog right from the beginning. Teach your dog to socialize. Praise him whenever he does something good. Take him close to you when you are at home.
  • If you notice and praise good behavior of the dog, this will encourage the dog to do it repeatedly.
  • Do not take your dogs close to dogs with which they do not feel comfortable. This insecurity and uncomfortable feeling will aggravate the dominant behavior of the dog and urge them to fight.
  • If your dog gets aggressive too often, it is necessary that your work on the behavior modification of the dog. You can enroll your dog for the growl classes where professional trainers will train your dog.
  • You can also enroll yourself in training classes for grooming your dogs. Trainers usually suggest teaching the commands to the dogs in a slow and gentle voice. Never yell at your dogs.
  • Do not feed dogs anywhere. Feed them in a separate place or their crates where they can have their food without any disturbance. If you have many dogs in your house feed each one of them separately.
  • Sometimes toys will also make the dogs aggressive. If you have children in your house, keep the toys away from the dogs.
  • Multiple dog owners should provide equal love and attention to all the dogs. They should usually not prefer to keep female dogs closer to other female dogs, because female dogs become aggressive easily and start fighting.
  • Water guns, umbrellas, water bottles, and anything that scares the dogs will also prove to be helpful in some emergency cases in stopping the quarreling dogs.

These preventive tips to stop and avoid dog fights will surely help you. Use them with your dogs.

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