How to Prevent Dogs from Digging

To know how to prevent dogs from digging, you have to understand the reason behind this behavior of the dogs. Dogs usually dig in search of moisture in summers and warmth in winters under the ground. Some dogs dig more as compared to others. This is an inherent behavior of the dogs, which can be prevented.

Some dogs may also dig in search of food underground when they are hungry. They dig the soil and search for insects, rodents, etc that dwell underground. Sometimes they start digging the ground playfully. If this behavior of your dog is annoying you, as your dog starts digging every time you till the garden, you can do few things to stop your dog form doing this.

Tips to prevent dogs from digging:

  • Dogs usually like to dig in freshly tilled soil, so whenever you dig or till the soil in your garden do not let your dog get into the soil. The freshly tilled soil tempts the dog to dig the soil unnecessarily..
  • If your dog really loves digging and you cannot make your dog unhappy by restricting it to go into the soil, you can construct a sandbox in your house. Pour freshly tilled soil in this sandbox and allow the dog to dig it. This will save your garden as well as keep your dog happy.
  • Feed your dog properly. Animals cannot speak, so they cannot express their feelings. Even if they are hungry they cannot tell you. Sometimes due to appetite, they may start digging the sol in search of rodents beneath the soil.
  • If you are unable to understand your dogs’ feelings, you can take help of dog trainers to understand dogs in a better way. Enrolling yourself and your dog in the training classes will be beneficial for both. You will also be able to teach your dog to obey your orders.
  • Do not bury anything in your backyard or in the garden. Especially if you bury something that smells attractive to the dogs, dogs are tempted to dig.
  • If you are decomposing something in your garden, create a fence surrounding that area such that your dog is unable to reach there.

The tips given above will surely help you prevent your dogs from digging.

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